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12 Aug 2019 10:05:43
It's a 42 game league season, Bermo, you cannot throw the towel in after a game where you get a draw and you think you should have won. Villa would have given up last season if that was the case. There will also be games where we get a result when maybe we shouldn't have . We will not be at our best in every game but if you become negative you have no chance. We all can see what's going on and where we need to improve. If you look at the Man City team performance from when Pep first arrived to how they played this weekend, this is the plan for how the club is trying to develop, my only gripe is maybe we did not bring in enough players in the last two windows.

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12 Aug 2019 10:17:09
Fair post 1970 and compared with the same 2 fixtures last year we are level on points and 1 goal better!

12 Aug 2019 10:29:50
villa changed there manager i believe then picked up. Maybe if we change our manager i might change my mind

I agree about from pep arraiving to now but MB has had a season and not learnt has he? Pep in his second season won the league because he learnt from his first season mistakes

Last season I saw us not convert enough chances, be over relaint on pablo, poor on set plays in both boxes and be a soft touch defensively

MB I believe has addressed the pablo problem with costa and maybe the goal problems with eddie

here is my trouble and why I have written off this season unless MB goes

Patterns do not change, MB through out his career has brought a great style but won nothing. his small squads get burn out after xmas (sound familair? ) he also is very stubborn and believes in his way of football. great if you have city sqaud we dont. it is also great if the other team buy into that style like britol however some teams will not play belasia ball they will play pulis ball and when they do we will be found wanting

I have said white for pontus will kill us, I have said weakness on high balls and lack of physicality will kill us, I have said Phillips is not good enough

these are all my opinions on what i saw over 50 odd games last year, I beleive I have seen enough this season to say the problems have not been addressed and we will continue to suffer. I honestly believe i know football that well and can tell

of course I may be wrong and I hope I am, i must say i don't believe i am often wrong and only time will tell. but at the moment i can't see any hope. any hope at all. I think we will go backwards not forwards

I know many will find this negitive and i understand that but its an opinion site and my opinion is last year we threw it away and this year MB's stubborness will cost us. Hope I am wrong and time will tell

I also predict by xmas many will be calling for the managers head again i hope i am eating humble pie on this one with lots of promotion cream.

12 Aug 2019 10:41:15
Berm my old friend, i bet it's a bundle of laughs around you. We are 2 games in and already written the season off, you said you hope you are wrong at the end of your post, but i honestly believe you hope you are right so you can say told you so.
My glass is always half full and whilst I agree about our defensive weaknesses, i believe this is like old Larry's philosophy we will score more than you.

Enjoy the ride old chum, if a rollercoaster was flat it would be boring don't you think!

12 Aug 2019 11:06:00
2 games not enough evidence for anything . After 2 games of Peps second season he had 4 points from two games, sounds familiar.

“ White for Pontus will kill us”, don’t agree, White is a better player than Pontus and will improve every game. He is contracted to a premiership club and they don’t want to let him go, who is Pontus contracted to?

Bermo, you always predict failure, you never think we will go up and you always take the easy view, 24 teams 3 promotion places, of course it’s always easier to say we won’t get promoted and then sit back and claim you were right all along.

And last year you didn’t say we were going to throw it away you said that we would be lucky to scrape into the playoffs and we exceeded your expectations. You can’t have it both ways, we didn’t just scrape into the playoffs!

I don’t think you will ever start a year saying that we will win automatic promotion because it’s just not in your make up.

Here’s an idea, put some of the analysis on hold for a few weekends, put on your white shirt and get up to Elland Road and just enjoy the experience . That’s really what it’s all about isn’t it?

12 Aug 2019 12:18:36
i am actually a lot of fun honest please come and see me in drag this xmas and for a drink after and i promise i'm fun!

I am just fuming with leeds last year we chucked away a very winabble league and this years i wrote us off before a ball was kicked and the forest game confirmed what i thought

spanish we have different footballing ideals. you rate white as a football, i rate him as a defender. two corners one free header and one goal. that is all i see. for me pontus would of dealt with it better and who knows right now maybe we would have six points instead of 4. a pattern i see every time again and again. every time the other team get a corner or dangerous free kick, or a cross i will expect them to score, that's a worry

and dougie you are right a flat rollercoaster would not be fun, but for once i would like our season not to be a rollercoaster but a flight on concored. nice, luxuarius and we get where we are going rather than throwing up half way round and not completing the course again.

{Ed001's Note - is there ever a time to see you not in drag?}

12 Aug 2019 12:20:36
and spansih enjoy the experence. i can't i don't enjoy playing nice but imputent football to get caught out by a sucker punch, i don't like dropping points, i don't like conceeding goals it hurts too much. maybe you can enjoy the ride but maybe i am too passionate maybe it means just too much to see us not be the best we can be and it kills me and puts me in this mood.

12 Aug 2019 12:39:19
Bermo you never cease to amaze me. You have said many times how great Simon Grayson was as Leeds manager. You are now saying Bielsa out because of the teams defensive frailties especially from corners.
I haven’t checked the records but I’m pretty confident that SGs Leeds conceded more goals per game than MBs Leeds and also more from set pieces. Leeds were actually atrocious defensively under Grayson and I’ll never forget the mid week hammering from Preston. Six goals conceded and four from their big centre forward.

12 Aug 2019 13:01:57
I can vouch for Bermo being a great guy and full of laughs and DJ will as well. Great bloke - he is passionate about the game and hates to lose but a lot of fun to be around and even when predicting the doom and gloom he does so with a smile on his face in 'gallows humour' style.

{Ed001's Note - can you vouch for him wearing drag only at Christmas though? Speedo told a different story (which might explain why he vanished).}

12 Aug 2019 13:33:44
cork you are right, the difference between Mb and Grayson was 1 grayson got us promotion and got us over the line

and when we come up grayson had to lose his best players and not get a chance to replace them. Grayson also unlike Mb realised the problems and always tried to adress them. he saw Ankergana was poor so replaced with higgs who was injury prone so he repalced with schimecle. he saw problems in defence so brought in naylor and other bloke

grayson always tried and was hampered by bates. I think MB has a far better hand but his stubborn ways will cost us, although i agree about your point with similar falities with both managers teams

and thnaks alf. i am happy in my miseray and moan with a smile on my face. you should of seen my wedding
and ed i am not always in a dress just when i am at my best.

12 Aug 2019 13:53:33
Alf, we are going to have to take your word for it because fun doesn’t exactly scream from his posts!

12 Aug 2019 13:57:52
Bermo, my advice remains the same! Don the white shirt get a ticket, get up to the ground and enjoy the experience. I’ll buy you a pint!

I suspect I’m equally passionate. I’ve bought a season ticket, travelled to Leeds from Spain and stay around here, partly to enjoy the football. Wouldn’t do all those things if I wasn’t passionate about it.

To me it’s not the same watching it on the tele or listening on the radio. The match day experience can’t be beaten.

Come, let us know when you’ll coming up and you don’t even need to come in drag!

12 Aug 2019 17:27:48
My lips are sealed on that one Ed!

{Ed001's Note - I thought they might be!}



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