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11 Aug 2019 18:32:30
Frustrating that we couldn't finish them off. Good points for me were White, very good reading of the game and timely interventions. I accept the criticisms about defending the corners but he's not the only one to blame for that. He and Cooper better than Cooper and Pontus for me. At times we played some beautiful football with some great passes. White to Bamford, superb and Bamford took and down well and genuinely unlucky with that one and the mush it the bobbled into the bar. I think he must have done something very bad in a previous life. Pablo showed why how even on an off day he can make the difference. Costa looks to have that combination of pace and skill we've been missing.

All in all, 4 points from 2 games is a pretty good return. Use Salford as another learning experience and go to Wigan and thrash them!

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11 Aug 2019 21:28:54
white showed part of the bigger problem poor teams will score against us using set plays

four points from an away win against a mid table team and a home draw against a lower table team is not good, certainly not good enough

what have we learnt? we have not addressed the problems

what might some think. we have gone backwards

what might one conclude. we will not go up

what might be the consiquence. loan players leave and best youngesters get sold

I am miffed how you can be positive.

11 Aug 2019 22:08:29
A very good post Spanish.
This is the year my friend and all the negative boys will eat humble pies.

11 Aug 2019 21:47:54
I’m miffed at your typos Berm. 🍻🍻🍻.

11 Aug 2019 21:55:43
Berms, please get yourself some super strength happy pills. Your bringing me down with you.

11 Aug 2019 21:58:14
Berm please, enough already blah blah blah. I get your point but we are 2 games in sitting 3rd, not too shady is it better than the Bates era, enjoy the roller coaster, if you look for shxt, it's easy to find my friend.

11 Aug 2019 22:40:23
fair enough I shall keep it to myself. when everyone else is calling for the managers head I will not say I told you so six months ago as i know that narks people but for the record MB out.

11 Aug 2019 23:03:20
Unbeaten after two games with 4 out of 6 points which probably have been 6 out of 6. On Waldorf's theory sides who have drawn their first two games should give up now. A long way to go yet.

11 Aug 2019 22:57:16
Bermondsey. Some people just can't see what is in front of them sometimes.

12 Aug 2019 07:08:02
Couldn’t of put it better myself wex.

12 Aug 2019 07:12:01
Wex i think people see issues, such as lack of goals and a bit soft at the back and the answer is fairly obvious, but do you not think Bielsa knows that. All I am saying is, we are 2 games in, 4 points should be six and great to watch football played, I'm pretty pleased with that, average that all season and we are up. MOT.

12 Aug 2019 09:03:00
Wex, people have different views on what they see in front of them, it’s called opinions.

Bermondsey, I think we are destined to be constantly miffed by each other’s posts!

On the corners, at just about every single corner Forest tried to take the two CBS out illegally, shirt pulling and almost rugby tackling. It takes White by surprise at first but actually on the goal, he didn’t lose his man he stayed superglued to him, perhaps with Dawson holding his shirt again, and thy both ended up on the ground. He is learning, but I think he will learn well and quickly.

So far this year we have improved on last years results against Bristol and Forest by 2 goals. That’s not opinion, that’s hard fact.

I am very positive about this year, there is so much more to come from this squad and it is still very much a work in progress. We know from last year, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

12 Aug 2019 09:41:36
dougie do we think Mb knows that.

no in short I don't. Last year we had five problems

we didn't convert enough. has he addressed this problem. maybe in eddie. maybe and I think so as I think eddie could hit 20 for us

we were over relaint on pablo. has he addressed this problem. for me yes. I think costa will be great for us

we were awful at set plays in both boxes. has he addressed this. no he ain't we lost our best scorer of headed goals in roofe and pontus who was the only player who could defend a set play. So not only has he not address this he has made us far worse. will be useless at set plays cost us. well so far yes. will that continue. i imagine it will

finally we were a soft touch in defence having all the ball and still dropping points as the other team scores. so far two middle table teams have both scored with very little of the ball. will this continue and cost us. pretty sure yes

spanish it is a marathon not a sprint and with our problems and patterns of play i can't see us getting over the line.

12 Aug 2019 09:51:40
We’ve improved by 1 goal before anyone checks the facts!

12 Aug 2019 09:56:45
Middle table teams? Wow you must be mystic meg.

12 Aug 2019 10:00:49
Bermo, you never can see us getting over the line, you’ve admitted it yourself, you never think Leeds are going up! So either we are destined for life in the championship forever or one year you will be wrong! What better year to be wrong than the centenary year!

Why am I positive, well I’m going to the home games. I love the experience of match day and I enjoy watching the team playing some really good football in what are virtually always good games to watch. It’s an exciting time to be a Leeds fan. I agree with you that it’s easier to analyse a game sat at home watching the television, but it’s like watching a film on your phone and not on an enormous imax screen in the cinema! Nothing can replace the match day experience of being there and having your own pre and post match routine around the ground. After years where work and family life made it very hard to come up regularly, I’m here again and I’m lovin it!

12 Aug 2019 09:48:47
Dougie Bielsa has had 7 months to fix how wasteful in front of goal we are. Was letting our top scorer go the answer. Look I think it's good that we are unbeaten in 2 and I enjoy the way we play it's the fact that we don't seem to be learning from our mistakes or weaknesses. Everyone here was calling for a CB and a striker last week the very same as we did last year because we know we need them and we still need them.

12 Aug 2019 10:25:20
Fairer post Wex, like the positives and you are right about the challenges. I think we will be better at taking opportunities, Costa and Eddie will be the key. I also think that Cooper, White will make a very solid CB team, won’t eliminate all the problems but for me overall, better than Pontus and Cooper. But we’ve got to prove it to you!

In the two corresponding fixtures from last year we’ve got a good of 1 more, isn’t that improvement!

12 Aug 2019 10:52:57
mystic meg well i have said i am the orical. but i don't think you need a crystal ball to see forest are lower mid to mid table team and britol will be mid table to bottom of play offs.

i also predict man city and liverpool will do well and think palace might go down. again no crystal ball needed

spansih white will make us weaker. yes he is a good player but he is small and weak. like MB you mix being a good player with being a good defender they are different things. i like white but i would also enjoy playing against white

and i don't always think we won't go up, i thought he had a chance under grayson before bates sold all of our players.

i don't think we will go up and have not done for a while for one simple fact for a long time we ain't been good enough, last year like this year we are good enough but our weaknesses are too big and too important areas.

12 Aug 2019 11:31:23
Bermo, White might be smaller than some but weak, I don’t think he is. Watch the corner where Forest scored again. He didn’t lose his man, they were tied together!

Give him a chance and see if he continues to learn and develop. Don’t write him off after two games.



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