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03 Aug 2019 20:33:03
Chris, Axe and others on thread below. Rads is in season 3.He has had on circa £50 million a season plus £10m from 49rs and about £60m in transfer fees this is about £220m. He bought the club £40m, the ground ££20m and spent £20 million in transfers, which he promised at the start. His investment in to the club is £80m total. From the £220m revenue he has had in wages at 50% of revenue, outside of player sales plus day to day running costs are about £100m for 3 seasons. There is a gap on what has come in and what has been spent.

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03 Aug 2019 20:43:03
Yep and we have not had all the transfer money in yet.

03 Aug 2019 22:41:53
Net Net I don't think he has spent anything.

03 Aug 2019 22:58:18
5 yr plan inpatient boys.

03 Aug 2019 23:21:24
Doesn't make sense.
What does 'he has had in wages at 50% of revenue' mean?
Are you are saying wages have cost about 50% of the 220 million incoming so we have spent 110 million on wages?

04 Aug 2019 09:31:56
Bleeding accountants everywhere these days!

04 Aug 2019 08:25:52
Sorry CanadaWhite, it should read:
We were told we had the best wages to income ratio in the league at about 50%
We are told our income was rising to an average of £50m for the 3 seasons ending 18/ 19/ 20 that equates to £150m ( wages 50% equals £75m) . Plus £8m a year running costs that works out at about £100m
On top of the £150m income we have £60m in transfer fees in and £10m from the 49'rs, that's a total of £220m
By my basic calculations over 3 seasons income will be about £220m and expenditure about £100m.
Additionally Rads has spent £40m to buy the club, £20m for the ground and the initial £20m transfer funds promised. That all comes to £80m
If Rads has been repaid all the money he has put in there is still a £40m difference between income and what it all costs (he also still has the value of the club and the ground circa £100m plus)
Even if he took the £80m he invested back out there is a £40m difference between what he has had in and what he has spent. What is going on?

04 Aug 2019 08:47:42

I get name checked, what thread am I supposed to be in?

Not sure I have ever really contributed to threads on finances. I realised a long time ago that businesses are there to make profits. So I just go with the flow of we sell those we have to/ want to sell. And we buy those we need.

For instance
The Chris Wood deal. It was reported as being £15m. But we all know that agents take a cut.
Now, how much did the Burnley agent take? How much did Wood's agent take? How much did the Leeds agent, who touted him around, take?

On top of this, as Wood didn't request to leave doesn't he get a percentage of any transfer fee?

Then, how much are Burnley sending over each year in staged payments?

So, out of the original £15m, how much do the Leeds coffers actually receive?

It won't ever be £15m, even if Burnley did pay that much.

I always remember Harry Kewell got sold to Liverpool for a paltry £5m, but when the dust settled it turns out Leeds only got £2m as the rest was for Kewell and his agent

None of this ever seem to get factored in to any of these post discussions, so it makes the rest of the discussions irrelevant.

04 Aug 2019 09:16:17
Last accounts showed wages at 31.4 million.

04 Aug 2019 09:47:40

Just re-read your original post

"Rads is in season 3". technically yes, but season 3 has only just started

Hence, if he is "on circa £50 million a season" then he has taken in £100m so far and not £150m as you have deduced. Thus adding the £10m from 49ers and £60m of transfers (which I have already said I don't think we actually have) your final incoming figure is £170m not £220m

Mind you, recently I did read that Radz had released another £10m of shares, which don't seem to be included in your accounting

To conclude. we are none of us party to the real financial structure at Leeds and its difficult to second guess

Btw, to all those people who are referring to our transfer strategy as a fire sale. Some of us remember 2002 onwards. that was a fire sale (we sold players AND paid future wages for God sake) . This year is not a fire sale. From the first team squad we have sold a centre back that was being difficult. We have sold a RESERVE keeper. We are in the process of selling a striker, whose conversion rate was one of the lowest in the Championship and who is in his final year. That is NOT a fire sale

From the U23s we have sold Diaz and Halme. Guys who are too good to be kept back but not good enough to step up (it's their careers not our Football Manager game! ) .

We have sold Ekuban, Sacko, Denton, O'Connor and Wilks from those that have been loaned out.

We are hoping to sell Anita and de Bock from the loaned out

We have opted to KEEP and loan out the gigantic, very quick striker, Grotts in the hope he keeps progressing.

Show me the Fire Sale?

04 Aug 2019 10:14:03
Do not think there is a fire sale but i do not expect players that are loaned out to be returning to be honest. All our loaned out players so far have left the club.

04 Aug 2019 10:58:46
I think Grotts will eventually come back. I just think he was too young when we first bought him. He should have been bought and loaned back similar to how Clarke had been treated.

04 Aug 2019 11:39:19
Agree with axe this not a fire sale it is smart just hope we get two in and I’ll be very happy.



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