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29 Jul 2019 09:16:17
I know we haven't dipped into the market as much as we all would like, but in regards to the starting line up, I think we are a better team than last season. We have lost one player, cult hero yes, but always seemed to be in the naughty chair for something.

Numerous times over the last couple of seasons he has been out reportedly through injury but rumours of a rift or training ground incident or just left out as he was by the forgettable sh1thead Monk, Christensen and Bielsa. He was like the Girl friend that you couldn't quite trust but was so good looking you couldn't get rid of. Better off without especially if you had to square the books.

Ben White maybe be tested in that role by bielsa, with cooper and Barardi as a back up. If Roofe (when fit) and Bamford fire up a bit and Edmunston can contribute along with Harrison, Costa and Roberts and future stars like Bogusz, Shackleton and Stevens, not to mention Clarke, Klitch Alioski, Hernandez, Forshaw Douglas, and Phillips, it is the making of a very good squad in my opinion.

Too may people writing us off too early and not giving the SUPPORT that SUPPORTERS should give to their team. Top two for me. Marching on Together with only some of the supporters apparently. Its a Shame.

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29 Jul 2019 09:38:23
Fair point about Supporters showing support for the club Fred, but with the latest rumours of KP wanting to 'force his way out' it suggests a bit of disharmony in the camp. If this is true (and I know media outlets such as YEP sometimes like to rock the boat) , but IF it's true then I don't see us equalling or bettering last seasons 3rd place due to a lack of focus, motivation and 'buy-in' from the disharmonious players. Equally these reports about KP could just be lazy reporting.

29 Jul 2019 10:40:36
sorry but i hate all these if you don't think we will do well and support the club you ain't a proper supporter. i think its a load of tosh

i have supported millwall. sorry leeds since 89, seen some great times and some awful times, for every win against Barcelona and man utd i have seen defeat to sutton

i have seen good leeds teams and bad leeds teams, i have been optomistic and pessermitic at no time has my love for the club been more or less. if anything i love the club more when times are hard.

i am gutted at the moment as we was on the verge of the holy land and threw it away, then instead of building on that we have gone backwards.

i don't see how we are stronger than last year, i don't see how last years weaknesses (failing to convert, soft touch and useless at set plays in both boxes) has been address again if anything we are worse

and it hurts to see the club close and then not make it then sell our young players

so no i don't think we are going up but don't think that makes me or anyone else who thinks this less of a fan. we still march on together we just expect different results.

29 Jul 2019 11:09:39
Another point on this bit from
Different perspective. I think palace will have a bad season I think they could go down think some on here might agree. my dads a palace fan massive season ticket holder proper fan

He thinks palace will go down does that make him less of a fan or just able to see what’s obviously to most that his club are not great?

Same with Leeds do we have to think promotion beckons to be a proper fan?

29 Jul 2019 11:30:52

No one is saying your not a bloke who looks at the results and performances of Leeds United football club with a huge amount of interest. We can tell that by your constant moanings about lots of relevent issues.

I think what is being said is that the word "supporter" has a clue in the actual word.
Just enlighten stupid me as to how your constant doom and gloom postings show the "support" element of that particular word.

Oh, and btw, I already know how you feel about Phillips so no need to waste your posting with redundant information once again.

{Ed001's Note - for me I don't see the problem with him having a negative view point, if you don't have the positive and negative aspects in here there would be nothing to talk about. The problem I think that he has is that he doesn't just state his viewpoint and leave it there, unless responding to others. It is that he will just bang on and on and on and on about the same thing. It becomes repetitive and pointless as everyone already knows. We all know what he thinks regarding Phillips, so why does he have to repeat it on a regular basis? Unless there is something new to add, move on and talk about something else.

That is why this ridiculous patting on the back of himself for no apparent reason, as he has said nothing worth patting himself on the back for, grates on people's nerves. It is just another excuse to spew the same diatribe we have all read a thousand times before. It is boring. If you have to say 'I told you so' then you are just being petty imo. It is not like you should be able to get any satisfaction out of being right when it is about your team doing badly!}

29 Jul 2019 11:39:28
1 quid bet Bermo (I’m not rich) . I don’t think palace will go down.

29 Jul 2019 11:43:02
If Bamford starts scoring Fred?
He may get 1 or 2 then go 6 without.
So just untried Edmundson really to start up front and a dodgy defence with no height.
I agree with bw. We haven’t addressed the main issues.
We actually signed a winger when assists and chances is not our problem. Scoring them and stopping then is.

29 Jul 2019 13:14:04
For me axe support doesn’t translate as expect to win support is to hope they win and be there when they lose

If they lose I’m still Leeds just angry. Support is being there win or lose

Ed as for your comments I have been slaughtered on here time and again which is fair enough I do ask for it. However with this example years back I slated Beradi and was told I was a mug Beradi is class what do you know you don’t go to games ect. now those fans who slated me are now saying what I said which again don’t matter but when slated I think I have every right to stand my ground where I come from I would even expect a fair enough mate you did say maybe people were wrong to mug you off. but seems that ain’t how it is done on this site

Have opinions fair enough slate people opinions fair enough even get personal but when a guy is slated then years on it turns out I might of not been the mug I was called I think it’s fair enough to bring it up.

{Ed001's Note - so what if they have changed their mind? It is just being petty to say 'I was right'. Be a bigger man and just move on. Why would you expect anyone to say that when you never stop telling them you were right?}

29 Jul 2019 13:44:04
See your point Ed but you also like a statement and comment on here I like it as I think your very knowledgable but would be interesting to see how you would react if slated

I guess I should be the bigger bloke but when told time and again I’m a mug what do I know don’t go to games not a proper fan., . people can change minds but some get personal against me proper slag me off for my view then years later agree with a so much as fair play mate I take that back maybe Beradi is poor and you ain’t a mug who has a limited kmowledge if the club I love.

{Ed001's Note - you don't see what goes on, we editors get hundreds of abusive messages a day and rarely bother to respond. It is just not worth it. You don't win by getting into an argument, you are doing exactly what the snipers want you to do and then people forget what you were actually saying.}

29 Jul 2019 13:50:39
I did post a reply to this debate around 12 but obviously overlooked. Once again i just want to point out that we are all SUPPORTERS no matter what our opinion of the team is at this time or what we predict for the future. I do not think we will be in top two but does not mean i will not be hoping we do. Just because you hold a positive view does not mean you have the moral high ground, my view is what i believe. BW can be an asshole but it does not bother me and in the past, as BIGE, i have some heated exchanges with him but at the moment agree with some of his views. How he articulates his points are up to him and he can expect flak and to be fair he gets it like he is now. How i read his points is my choice, if its the same old thing i can skip over it, or respond if he is doing my head in.
This is a banter page but if we all have to write in a specific way and stay positive then there will not be much banter going on.

29 Jul 2019 14:41:13
ED, its not about the team doing badly, when the comment of told you so is posted it’s to all the righteous on here who have a go every time when someone post things they don’t like and dig that your not a Leeds fan, not a proper supporter, or your negative, and you can see all then on this page, it’s to point out that what was said was right in the first place and how silly they are not, like bermondsetwhite we all been and had Our eyes tested, think some should do the same. Come on Leeds I hope we are all behind you.

29 Jul 2019 14:42:14
I love reading Bermos posts (don't always agree with them) but he is never out of order. He is often repetitive, but that is his right. If I disagree I have two choices, respond and feed the fire or ignore and move on. Long may he post. There is no such thing as a bad post on here (The eds intercept the BAD ones) just posts we disagree with.

29 Jul 2019 15:37:32
BW is right we all support Leeds and none of us are writing off the chance to get promoted. We all now anything is possible in this league, who thought Huddersfield would go up? People state their opinion every year on have we improved are we better off, but its an opinion. I do not see the need to be labelling people doomsters and gloomsters and questioning their loyalty because they hold a different opinion to you. That does not prove you are right and is a bit childish to be fair.
I have been going to matches for 50 odd years and will go for another 50 given the chance. Am i happy with the squad at present, no. Do i think we are going to be top two, no. Do i think we will get in play offs, maybe. However i will be taking my seat next season hoping i am wrong and cheering the lads on no matter what.
So all you cloud surfers and hot tub of hopers have your opinion which i respect and i wish i could be that optimistic but i can not but that does not give you any moral highground or make me less of a supporter. If we go up i will be the first to raise my hands and applaud the lads and admit my fears were ungrounded. But if we don't you will get my i told you so post.

29 Jul 2019 15:19:39
Last sentence from the Ed kind of sums Berm up really.
Good poster but a bit like a broken record.

29 Jul 2019 15:31:19
Just for the record Berm i don't believe Beradi is a bad player and i know other Leeds fans think the same. OK he can be hot headed and dive in but when fit is a good squad player and i personally like his passion on the pitch. As for him playing CB he was very good at start of last season in that position and only an injury got Jansson back in the side at his expense.
So Berm please don't believe that all Leeds fans agree with you on this one.

29 Jul 2019 15:43:06
Excellent post Fred. I agree 100% with everything you said.

29 Jul 2019 15:44:39
Bloody hell i did wonder what happened to Bige!

29 Jul 2019 15:45:38
thanks for the support and beislia bub I agree and i am very aware i am an arsewhole. a massive one. I often get on my own nerves and a lot of my posts are tounge in cheek, i have met a couple of people from this site to go to a game and have a beer and night out in leeds and they will say i only joke about and not to take anything i say seriously

i know i go on (often tounge in cheek sometimes not) i know my opinions are strong but i hope no one takes them personally other than kp beradi and the hock who should take everything i say to heart

i do get angry at times when people have a dig espcially when they then agree with me at a later point, and not onyl negivtive when i was positive about wood some also slated me

so when people like mm with all due respect say i don't go to games and only have a limited knowledge of the club my reply will oviobusly be that i am just trying to save him and the others who disagree a couple of years of having a pop as down the line they will learn i am right. because of course i am the orical

everyone has the right to an opinion that what makes this site great but there are two opions those who disagree with me and those who are right

either way win lose or draw we all march on together i am cursed and not seen us win since 2002 but still wouldn't have it any other way.



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