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13 Jul 2019 12:05:15
So the wendies well there's stadium to adhere to financial fair play, and we sell players at a cut price . Somethings not right here we are going to get left behind if we don't start playing the game. I feel like as soon as Leeds though do something to get around financial fair play we will be subject to some sort of fine and points deduction.

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13 Jul 2019 12:55:12
Crackers isn’t it Mighty! The simple fact is that there should be no loophole, or “way around” FFP. It should either be a rule, or not. No ifs, no buts! It’s yet another joke!

13 Jul 2019 13:15:43
Too right Mighty, get PSG involved, massive loophole there,

13 Jul 2019 13:45:05
They will only look into this loophole if Leeds follow suit and sell our ground to ourselves. Then again we would probably flog it for less than it was worth!

13 Jul 2019 14:03:50
said this couple of days ago, the loop hole shouldn't be there but it is, villa and derby also used it

we can't blame wendies etc for explointing it but i think we have to blame rads for lack of either money or ambition. looking at trip to aus we also see rads will jepodise this season for a few quid as well if we are to believe our manager is not happy about it

rads busienss took a pounding and leeds are now paying for that. my new name for rads is pasta bates.

13 Jul 2019 14:09:03
Wonder if any club in the championship has sold near on 50 million pounds worth of players in the last few year. It baffles me how we are in a position that we still have to sell players. Apparently last year we were touted as having the best wage structure in the championship. So where is it going wrong.

13 Jul 2019 15:08:21
Wex Your answer is Radz,

13 Jul 2019 15:43:31
Players sold or moved on are players not wanted by Bielsa. why keep them.

13 Jul 2019 17:22:46
No one's disagreeing with that point White it seems that money from sales of players never seems to make it's way back in proper squad investment .
Radz keeps taking on and looks for investors which I believe means he has no intention of spending more than he has coming in.
In fact I'm certain he has no money as when you look at are position at xmas taking into account are injuries and how much prem footballs worth are jan transfer was dire.

13 Jul 2019 17:27:16
White still night on 50 million in player sales in 3 or so years. And we are broke.

13 Jul 2019 17:28:18
Bielsa and his army of coaches doesn't come cheap. Not that I'd ever say he's not worth it, but the operating costs of 20 plus coaches at this level is almost like funding Domcaster Rovers for a season on top.

13 Jul 2019 18:21:45
Cellino brought the net loss down from -21mill to +imill in 12 months. That was even with bringing in players. Radz took over a financially sound investment. Would not say he has improved on that given the increased revenues we have and the fact that player sales are 100% profit as they are all academy products that have gone. Would have thought we would have had more than the 5mill allocated for loans. that's the way it is folks, Aser working to its proven business model and no doubt taking its percentage. let's hope we can get promoted this season and then maybe we will see some investment. Hope the lads are not travelling business class to Australia.

13 Jul 2019 18:34:08
The worry is, is Radz propping up his naff TV business with money from LUFC?

13 Jul 2019 18:54:37
LUFC the way his businesses are set up would doubt he could do that. The 11mill we got from 49ers investment went on paying off debts, not sure which but some probably GFH. The 5mill instalment we got from Wood went to pay transfers we either owed or did. A quarter of a million now goes to directors which was not on the books when Cellino ran us. Also would guess Aser would be taking a return on their initial investment of purchase. Not sure there would be that much spare cash to make a difference to his media business.

13 Jul 2019 19:59:25
Cellino got rid of ghf.

13 Jul 2019 21:13:13
Wex he bought the club from GFH but had to deal with the debts they left which he restructured so they would be easier to pay. Would assume some of those debts were still there when he sold club.

13 Jul 2019 22:36:50
Bielsa seems like your clambering for excuses we owed Gfh 17 million 4 years ago.

14 Jul 2019 00:03:45
We keep taking of sound business models. let’s not forget rads don’t know what that is look at eleven sports the worst business since Sony mini disc

The only good thing is he can prop that up with lutv. maybe he will buy a gaff in Monaco next to Bates? Could be called Leeds buloivard.

14 Jul 2019 10:57:18
Not looking for excuses at all Wex just stating facts as they appear in accounts. I am not a Radz fan and think he could have done more in Jan But if you are going to slate him don't just make it up. I have said he could invest more into the club, if Aser board okayed it, but he ain't going to. You think 17mill debt goes away in a year or two when clubs make an annual loss. As long as we are run by Aser you will not see any massive injection of cash no matter who we sell.

14 Jul 2019 11:01:59
BW i did state in my first post i do not think Radz has improved our club financially, it is on a sound footing but it was when he took over. He has basically used incomings to pay outgoings and is keeping things tight for the next owners.

14 Jul 2019 12:02:06
Bielsa it was 17 million 3 or 4 years ago you would imagine with close to 50 million in player sales alone that 17 million figure is long gone and you would imagine is a fraction of that figure by now.

14 Jul 2019 12:29:14
And that's what i said Wex some of it may have gone to pay off GFH so what is your point. If it was a fraction it was a fraction.

14 Jul 2019 21:15:58
rads has let our assest go to cheap and not repalced them. overall he is poor for that reason alone.

15 Jul 2019 07:21:41
Bielsa good and fair posts. Wex has his view on Radz and he isn’t going to change it.

Bermo is waiting for someone else to organise a Radz out campaign and then he will join. It, if there is a south London branch!

Radz is like Marmite, a few people might be indifferent, but most have strong views that aren’t going to change.

Overall I think Radz and his team have done a good job and that costs money. The way the club is playing across all its squads is good and we have strong teams, great crowds and for most fans the buzz is back. The players earn money from the club, so do all the other employees and that includes the chairman. The majority of fans will always go along with that as long as the football is good and we are up near the top. Radz and Bielsa know that better than anyone, so they have more personal interest in us being up there again this year.

And the good news is, more football this week, including a team against some team in red!



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