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10 Jul 2019 07:56:24
so much talk about FFP at the moment.

lets get this clear FFP is a myth and a rule that can be broken.

end of last year Steve Gibson of Borough lead a few clubs (including leeds) to challenge Villia Derby Etc who have broken FFP

the league come back to Gibson and leeds and explained there is a simple way to break the rules using the ground. Rads had a second meeting where he was told by the league he should stop moaning and do what derby and villa have done. he resfused as he is a moral man

this is all bull. he is skint, his business made huge losses, as any businessman would do his first love and proper business that is close to his heart (Eleven Sports) took a pounding so he is using his second business Leeds, which he couldn't care less about to milk it and balance his books, fact is leeds is probably proping up eleven sports

of course i know only what i have read but what i see as proof the man don't care is. Rads has been told don't worry about FFP do what villa and derby did and he wont

instead he is selling our players for a poor price. this man is bates with a itialian accent, no sane man can see it any other way, what is the point of leeds owning the ground if we are still going to sell players due to FFP, it is exactly what bates has done

come on people wake up and smell the dirty itialian coffee

least bates was open and up front about it like a proper dirty cockney.

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10 Jul 2019 09:23:02
Ok Bermo, assuming any or all of the above is true, what are you doing about it and what do you want the rest of us to do?

10 Jul 2019 09:34:02
Bermondsey. You can see what I've been saying for the last 8 months. Radz is using Leeds as his petty cash. We are worse off now as the buy back clause we had on Elland road is gone.

10 Jul 2019 09:48:04
FFP is not a myth, ask any Birmingham supporter. However, I am not comfortable with the transfer policy at the club as it does indeed look like asset stripping. We can only hope that George's prediction regarding the Qatari's is coming true and that Radz is having a last hurray before disappearing into the horizon with a bag of cash. It won't help us this season but may be a further pain long suffering Leeds fans have to endure. That being said, unless the Qatari's are coming I don't understand why Bielsa would hang around to manage a threadbare squad. I would have thought he principles would not allow it? Money talks?

10 Jul 2019 09:53:27
Same question guys, what are you doing about it, what do you want us to do about it?

Serious accusations which, if they are true deserve serious investigation and action.

Has anyone actually put these allegations to Radz or anyone at the club?

10 Jul 2019 10:17:50
ok few things

Wex, I have always seen you're point and personally i have always leaned towards not liking rads but giving benifit of the doubt however for me the benifit has now gone through his actions and i am firmly in your camp

Notts FFP is not a myth but it is easliy bypassed ask any Derby, Villa or west brom fan. It punishes the weak but if you want to spend the money and go for gold you can just have to do some clever accounting that the EFL are fully behind

Spanish let's not assume any of my post is true. that's an inslut to me it is all true.

I had someone very high up in the EFL explain it to me, he expained rads greiences and the EFL stance and how leeds can. join Debry's camp if we want to

I also had someone at the very very top of Borough explain Gibsons stance, they explained why gibson had a problem and what the explaination was.

now we also know rads can join derbys camp but will not. rads said that himself so 100% ture

we also know our players have been sold fire sale since. proof PJ in a brentford shirt

now Spanish what can we do about it. for a positive bloke you give up very easy

fans have the power. what fans have done before and can do now is united. go against the board let the board know it ain't no and we won't stand for it. protests, boards, planes over head. rads out stop milking our club

fans have the power if they stand up and use it. and i predict leeds fans will soon be using this power. not all can be the eternal ray of sunshine. most have had enough.

10 Jul 2019 10:27:39

How do you know that the league told Radz to buy his own ground?

Who in their right mind would publish that fact?

Nah, you were doing well with the first part of the FFP rant. About the rule, the ground sales, and Gibson. But you went off in to your fairyland again with the statements about what the EFL said and what Radz said. There is no way you will know that

Btw. no conjecture here, the owner of Bristol City is a fully fledged BILLIONAIRE. its fact

Go look at Bristol City's transfer history over the last few years. They sell their best players EVERY year.

Dont see Bristol City fans grumbling. They see the sustainable picture. They understand how football works. They don't accuse the chairman of assets stripping

Haven't heard you or Wex say a positive thing about the team for a while. How about changing the stuck record regarding the chairman and start interacting on the team for a while. Give me a rest from the lesser interesting stuff. You'll be complaining about the groundsmen next.

10 Jul 2019 10:30:18
My question is a serious one, The solution that you seem to propose is that Radz sells the club at a profit and walks away with the proceeds plus anything else that bermo alleges he has “ milked” from the club! That doesn’t sound like much of a punishment to me and hardly going to put anyone off doing the same whatever country they come from. Words can be stimulating and thought provoking but only change anything if they are actually linked to action!

10 Jul 2019 10:35:39
Bermo, you seriously don’t know me, I never give up on anything!

I also understand how to protest, point is you need to do something meaningful to kick it off. Protests need organising, you need to rally people behind Your cause, so how are you going to do that? If I believe in something, I’m more than happy to protest, point is, you or Wex haven’t convinced me!

10 Jul 2019 11:10:12
Hate to be “ that” guy, but aser holdings/ greenfield investments own LUFC and ER

Given the outlay made in buying back ER and developing Thorpe Arch. The regenerative approach to youth levels that were effectively moth balled by Massimo, it’s hardly “ asset stripping” as money is being spent. Sales of players “ balance the books” which is what AR said from the outset would have to happen. That’s the reality.

In year one he said the outlay by Aser was around £100m

They’re an investment company, clearly the aim
Is to get the club to the premiership with a view to sell.

10 Jul 2019 11:28:28
Bermo “ fans have power” ‘ what power do you as a fan have? Will you burn your season ticket? Will you not renew your season ticket? Will you stop spending any money in the Leeds united shop? Will you cancel your subscription to sky or refuse to use the Leeds apps and websites?

The power lies in the hands of those who are spending the money to watch Leeds and to buy the commercial product in whatever form it is sold. At the moment no signs at all that your protest campaign is working!

If the revolution comes it will because of performances on the pitch and not unproven allegations of what is happening off it.

If after 10 games we are playing good football and are in the automatic promotion places, do you seriously think fans will be protesting?

10 Jul 2019 12:12:20
Berm . One major hole in your argument . Derby and Villa owned their own grounds and were therefore able to manipulate profits by selling to their owners . Leeds didn’t and therefore couldn’t . Even if Radz had funded the club to buy the ground that would have created a loss in itself . FFP is very real aka Brum . The accounts tell the story to a degree . We are making large operating losses which need augmenting by some net transfer income every year . My big problem with Radz is that we have consistently played the transfer market poorly ( other than academy buys ) since he took over . Selling some good assets cheaply apart from Wood, and on the whole buying dross expensively . This has significantly contributed to the FFP issues now faced .

10 Jul 2019 12:14:05
Spanish sums it up again 👍TBH.

10 Jul 2019 12:28:59
Spanish i remember some very vocal fans hounding a guy called Cellino out of his club Fans can easily make or break an owner. Obviously 4 or 5 fans can not make a difference so a bit pointless asking BW what he is going to do, are you a billionaire BW? Fact is he could have invested 20mill this window but he chose not to, i am not slagging him off for that but its a fact. I expect uss to make a 23-24 mill loss on last season which will shrink to around 4-5mill when sales are deducted. that's so Aser is not liable for any overspend. If they wanted to invest that 5mill loss could go up 13mill if guaranteed by owner, never going to happen. Not a lot of clubs have done it as there is no way they will ever get above this division and will eventually have to cut back. As i said Radz is running the club the way he wants and that is his right to do so. Not everyone has to like it.

10 Jul 2019 12:39:47
Axe Bristol City posted a loss of just over 20mill in their last accounts up from 3.5mill previous year so i am guessing they pay good wages at least. As i have said the owner has to bridge the gap on anything over 5mill so i think he is investing quite a bit.

10 Jul 2019 12:40:55
You've got to love Waldorf's posts, "lets get this clear FFP is a myth" and in the next post "Notts FFP is not a myth". Nothing like gilding the lily to make a point.

10 Jul 2019 12:44:18
Spanish, I do think if KP and Roofe go (which i think is very possible), the fans will be up in arms. They are not happy with Rads as it is looking at Twitter and social media in general in football tide can turn very easily. last year fans accepted a missed opportunity, but don't think they will take similar this year.

If there is a massive 'Rads out' protest, i will join it 100%.

Axe, as for your very insulting words about how would i know that:

Firstly, Rads said himself about being 'told to cheat by EFL and they he said no. they was his words taken from interview. what idiot would say that. rads the same idiot who brought a load of Spanish and Italian football with no channel to show it on.

And how would i know that - my play was part of Football Remembers:

The Greater Game Stage Play

It was sponsored by the PFA, FA, EFL and Premier League. I worked with closely with all the top people from these bodies very closely for six months.

I am now working on a different football initiative called PRO-Motion, it is tackling the problems in football through working directly with clubs doing workshops and also doing theatre in education around schools up and down the country. with this nothing is signed by again we are looking at working closely with these bodies.

During this time i have become very close with these people and often meet up to discuss things over a business lunch meal it was during one of these that is was explained to me. again follow me on twitter and you will see i have a professional working relationship with them and in my business that includes chats and beers. that is how i know this. also how i knew Clarke was going spurs ages ago and spurs think KP is laughable.

I also knew monk was joining Leeds 48 hours before he did etc. i am not saying i am in fairly land or the most important person in the world, but when you know these people, they talk football and Rads stance and their reply came up in conversation. nothing off the record as it has all been published any way.

Again story of Rads words and why for me he has no ambition and is Ken Bates with an Italian accent:

Axe, do your research before you insult me with fairly land stuff. Thats the second time you have proper gunned at me and both times have been harsh and uncalled for.

10 Jul 2019 13:13:22
Bud, I don’t think it’s pointless asking people who use this forum to constantly slag off the owner to ask what they are doing about it? Of course fans can change things if enough of them agree, but you have to be committed enough to organise it, encourage other people and then be in Leeds! I’m all for banter on the site but if you seriously believe that someone is robbing the club, do something about it! Seems to me, people are moaning and then expecting others to do something about it!

10 Jul 2019 13:40:08

Use facts before you write stuff and I won't need to "gunned" you (whatever that means)

You insult every other poster, who reads your posts when all they are are your opinions but you say they are facts

Sick of all this stuff about a bloody chairman. Like every single player in a Leeds shirt today the chairman will be gone in 10 years, but I will still be a Leeds fan.

I like reading what other Leeds fans think about my team, not about some chairman. You just seem to go on about one thing.

And everyone seems to know someone, who knows someone, who knows the finances of Leeds United football club.

10 Jul 2019 13:46:03
Think its just moaning Spanish, as you say hard for any one person to do anything so why not have a moan. Aser running Leeds as a business and there is no way they will throw loads of money at it and their first priority when money comes in will be to make sure the books balance, that's where we are at.

10 Jul 2019 14:29:30
Interesting post Berm, we shouldn’t be turning on each other. Respect we all have different views and opinions. We all watched most of Leeds games last season, but we will have differences of opinion about who was MOM, who didn’t put in a shift, and so on.

Are we skint? Is Radz just in it for the money he can take from our club? Are we in process of Quatari takeover?
To me it’s all ifS and buts and maybe’s with a lot of media platform mischief.

One issue that keeps me optimistic at present is the fact MB agreed to stay onboard and so did his assistant despite offer from elsewhere. This has to be because of positive belief our club is going forward, that’s my logic.

Onwards and upwards.

10 Jul 2019 14:44:44
Fair point bud! Does that mean I’m allowed to have a moan about the moaners!

10 Jul 2019 14:49:24
Spanish you misunderstand,

i am not trying to rally people round and start a revolution in Bermondsey this is pointless. i am saying i do think it will happen and if it does then i will join in.

this is a forum for banter positivity and moaning and at the moment i am enjoying moaning cos as a Leeds fan i ain't happy with the way the club is being run. but i am just moaning nothing more.

bubs, sadly not a billionaire even if Leeds was on ebay, i wouldn't be able to meet the reserve.

RCH i see your view about my logic but it is not my view it is how things are done. as i understand it / explained to me.

rads owns company that owns Leeds and the ground so he can give Leeds the ground for free. then hire the ground to his other company. take sponsorship. hire out for wedding etc. this is how derby and villa and few others (i believe west brom and Sheff Wed) have got around FFP. ELF told Rads to do it. rads says no. it is all here using quotes from rads himself. if it ain't true rads and his team would of got a retraction the man is skint or milking Leeds no other way to see it:

Leeds Live Rads article

10 Jul 2019 14:47:39
I had a pint-with Rodney Marsh once.

10 Jul 2019 14:53:49
Bermo, If KP goes, it will be with your blessing, because you think he is rubbish playing where he is, so it’s a bit rich using him as an argument for rebellion! With both KP and Roofe, it won’t be about them going but about who replaces them and how the team goes without them. Good football that produces results fills the stadium and sells product, that’s what happened last year.

The challenge is going to be doing it again this year and better and I don’t think anybody thinks that will be easy. Performance and points will be the key to how fans feel. That’s what matters to the vast majority of the supporters.

Re the rest of your post, all you seems to be saying is you know a lot of football people unprofessional enough to be telling you stuff they shouldn’t really be telling you. With regards to fair play roles, you appear to be criticising Radz for saying he wouldn’t do something that actually he isn’t in a position to do anyway! How does that mean the rules are a “myth”.

I just want to get talking about some football again because I think that is what really matters to the fans of the club.

10 Jul 2019 15:11:01
Axe when have I ever insulted a poster in here? You say what I know is fantasy but truth is it ain’t

Spanish they ain’t unpirofessional they just talk about stuff they know and stuff in the open forum on media hence the story I have posted twice that has not been revoked by rads

Also not rich me using kp as an example I will do cartwheels if he leaves but I predict many may be upset and that anger could start the revolution which I will join but not due to kp but due to lack of investment in jan which lead to pj and Clarke leaving also still unhappy about viera for going for a song

Finally ace your just rude when I post you could ignore but you love going in hard and unjust think if you can’t be decent just leave my posts be.

10 Jul 2019 16:19:43

I said you insult EVERY poster when you post your opinions as FACTS. We are all decent folk, we don't deserve to be lied to

I read your link to the Radz interview. Where does it say the EFL told Radz to buy his own stadium to circumvent the FFP?
It does say it's not illegal. It does say Radz finds it morally corrupt. But nowhere does it say the FFP told him to do it.

So, lie to me and of course I come back hard. I like conversations and banter, not being lied to

I preferred you when you were banging on about Phillips. Some of the stuff you said there was thought provoking. Personally I support him as a Leeds player but recognise that his improvements are mainly due to a world class coach rather than a sudden sprouting of talent.
I am also interested that your heroes at the moment are Ayling and Shackleton, as I believe they, along with Henandez, are more effective than Jansson, Phillips or Roofe and are ones I desperately want us to keep.

So we aren't total opposites.

10 Jul 2019 17:43:23
I’m going to approach this whole peeing others off from a different angle!
I’m currently sat in my shorts in the evening sun, with a nice cold brew, waiting for my steak to be finished by the Mrs. Have it! 🍻.

10 Jul 2019 18:09:08
eds this site is meant to be monitored can you please ban or at least warn brightwhite please. that post was too much to take. i'm sitting in my living room tied to a computer trying to finish the first act of my new comedy just praying for a beer or a steak and hoping that someone else mrs and not my own will bring it too me.

10 Jul 2019 20:26:34
Lol Bermo! I retract the previous statement for the well being of my fellow fans!



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