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23 Jun 2019 12:18:24
My ratings for chairmen / owners of Leeds Utd since the Revie era and why in order of best to worst . A real mixed bag on the whole -

Leslie Silver - 7/ 10 . A long period of stagnation and under investment throughout the 80's but ultimately saw the light and hired Sgt Wilko and backed him with funds . The best of a on the whole lousy bunch of owners .

Bill Fotherby - 7/ 10 . Basically took over where Silver left off for a shortish stint as chairman.

Rads - 6/ 10 . A decent enough job but within incredibly strict parameters of not being able or willing to net spend on the team . Transfers that have been made have been incredibly wasteful . Were it not for Monks signings and the academy we would be no where . But brought in MB, improved the accounts, bought Elland Road ( albeit separately) and made us a more attractive asset again .

Massimo - 5/ 10 . An absolute lunatic who made us a bit of a laughing stock re his management hires and court cases . But ultimately got us back on track from a costs and finances perspective . Who else would have bought us from cuddly Ken? !

Krasner Consortium - 4/ 10 . Bit off far more than they could chew and basically sold off all the family silver - players, ground and training facilities. But no one else would take on the basket case that Ridsdale created .

Peter Ridsdale - 3/ 10 . We all lived the dream while it lasted and O'Leary's babes were a joy to watch . But obviously the nightmare followed .

Ken Bates - 2/ 10 . The devil incarnate in many Leeds fans eyes . Created an ownership structure that made us unsaleable other than to the shysters that were GFH . But he understood football . Hired some on paper good managers and got us out of league 1 .

GFH - minus 5 / 10 . For me these bunch of shysters were the lowest of the low . What they did to David Haigh imprisoning him in Dubai says it all and they ran Leeds Utd nearly back into the ground .

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23 Jun 2019 12:40:04
Largely agree with all of that RHC! The only exception is Rads, who for me, the Jury is out on for another year or two. Hiring Bielsa could be the equivalent of Silver hiring Wilko, this season and next will be the real time for judgement in my view. 🍻.

23 Jun 2019 13:02:15
Hi guys and gal. Just read a piece on sky news about LUFC employing 3 homeless people to g3t them off the streets permanently. Angus talks about winning football matches being the aim of the club but also that they have a community responsibility. The club quietly get on with doing socially responsible things and I personally am proud of our off pitch team. Ok, Radz can't afford everyone we want to buy, but so what? They are a more principled set up than we have had in years.

23 Jun 2019 14:08:42
Imagine Ken Bates doing that, eh Tory! He’d have rather shot em!
But you’re right, the community work being undertaken by the club as a whole under Rads is just fantastic, and to be honest, exactly what they should be doing.

23 Jun 2019 13:57:05
MC and Radz on a par for me.

23 Jun 2019 14:29:29
RHC Good analysis save for the irony behind the word "shysters". Using that particular word cost Ken Bates (so probably LUFC) a million pounds which he was ordered to pay to the Krasner group for defamation. Hopefully, that word won't cost you a similar sum.

23 Jun 2019 15:12:03
Massimo rescues us from ghf and is only 5 out of 10. Radz is GHF in disguise.

23 Jun 2019 15:16:28
You say GhF are the lowest of the low but score them twice as high as bates. The same as Massimo and only 1 behind radz.

23 Jun 2019 15:18:36
Tory rada and Leeds don't seem to be able to afford anyone.

23 Jun 2019 15:39:24
Wex I gave GFH minus 5!

23 Jun 2019 17:03:18
Ok noticed that.

23 Jun 2019 19:55:58
Me Silver deserves a 9/10 in my book. Cellino gets a 4 at best because anyone who shut down what he did deserves no more. MC so far a 5/ 10 but I’m hoping with promotion this season that’ll be a 7!

24 Jun 2019 09:41:29
Bates should be ranked lower than GFH. He put us into administration twice, asset stripped the club and it was he who welcomed GFH into the club in the first place plus the horrendous Harvey. Minus 100 for Master Bates for me.

24 Jun 2019 10:42:08
Rad is a 5/ 10 so far!

24 Jun 2019 20:19:53
Alf. Agree re Bates! Worst owner we’ve ever had. I should’ve read more closely!



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