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12 Jun 2019 07:17:13
right i'll start this one as i like the be the groups A~~Sehole


the bloke with inside information who broke the story when MC and rads both took over insists 6 groups wanted to take over leeds includeing the PSG group but rads don't want to sell

fine but he has no money, says it will be a hard summer and we may lose our best young players

if this is the case this makes him worse than bates and risdale as PSG owners could make us the new man city and he is therefor causing as much damage as anyone else before him

if he stays on and we don't go up i shall wish a poxy on his house ( i would say his company 11 or whatever it is called but he already poxed that himself)

also if psg people buy another club who will obviously go on to beat us and be great i shall also wish a pox on rads house

never been won over by him and was gutted when MC left, i have always said be careful what you wish for.

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12 Jun 2019 10:22:17
I also read that the PSG thing was way over exaggerated so who’s it trying to fool? Possibly the other 5 investors. I personally leave business to business men. That’s why their millionaires and I’m a solicitor.

12 Jun 2019 10:42:44
That says it all.

12 Jun 2019 11:54:45
Who knows what is really going on between Radz and any perspective buyers, certainly not anyone on here. If he is only in it for the money or if he needs the cash, sooner or later he will sell if the price is right. My view is that the offers haven’t reached the stage where the benefits of selling out weigh the benefits of staying put. On top of that I really believe he wants to succeed at taking the club back to the premiership. I think he will give it one more year with the plans in place and if that doesn’t come off then you might see a change in his thinking.

If we have a bad start and a Radz out campaign makes life unpleasant for him, who knows. But from my experiences in and around the ground the Radz out lobby is a very, very small one. Most people would think he has earned the right to have another go.

I’m aso personally not very keen on what is effectively a Qatar government investment vehicle route, but that’s as much a political opinion as anything.

I like the journey that we are currently on, I’m enjoying the football and the end of year excitement and I hope Radz and Bielsa can work out how to take it one step further. That will be a hell of an achievement!

12 Jun 2019 12:03:36
Says all what whiteman.

12 Jun 2019 12:29:00
Surely you have to see though Spanish that we need to hold on to our assets and add some quality to be able to go one better? So far everything that is coming out of the club is saying we won't be able to do that and yet we still expect to improve? How?

Unless the youth we do keep hold of has the ability to step up and become world beaters in a few weeks we are in trouble. Its asking a lot of the younglings. They did really well last season but the step up might be too much for some of them and then we will be left wanting.

12 Jun 2019 13:34:41
Would you sell your passion bw?

12 Jun 2019 13:39:59
spanish wow. just wow. i know you are mister positive but there has to be a limit

you are against us becomeing one of the richest and most powerful clubs in the world. you would hate to see bamford repalced by naymar? i don't get that on any level. if they don't buy us they will buy someone else and rather us than someone else

as for remaining optomistic i shall quote rads. it will be a difficult summer. just so you know that ain't a good thing

with leaving the business to the businessmen i am happy to do that when they are successful in their field but a tv guy who can't fix LUTV and did the worse bit of business in years with the let's spend loads of money on football that we can't sell. don't fill me with confidence.

12 Jun 2019 14:24:43
to aus would i sell my passion,

honestly yes. i love leeds and if i was worth 100 million i'd buy them but then if someone worth 100 billion come in i'd have to let go for the good of my club.

also word passion is strong for rads, i have loved this club since 1989 aged 6, since then i have lived breathed and slept leeds untied. rads is a forgeirner who has been at the club five minutes. its like asking would i sell lazio. yeah that club ain't my club or passion.

12 Jun 2019 14:54:27
Agree with your sentiment Oracle but MC no better in my opinion.

12 Jun 2019 15:25:20
Bermo, everyone has their opinion and their principles. I’m not interested in success at all costs or shed loads of money from any source. To me what we are doing is basically a good business plan, developing the youth squads, creating consistent coaching across the club, playing attractive football, trying to find the right additions that fit the style of the play, yes the budget and that Bielsa can develop. It has without doubt taken us further than most of us thought . After all those years of pain, I’m sure we can give Bielsa one more go.

Last year Bielsa surprised us with what he did with the team and how quickly. Let’s see how the pre season looks and what he has in store for us.

Let’s remember, different folks enjoy different strokes, I was lucky enough to have 7 months around Leeds watching the first team and the under 23s. I loved almost every minute of it. Superb experience, great buzz and some great people. I’ve already bought my season ticket for next year even though I’m still in Spain. I love it and I’ll be back. So it works for me. Other people will see it differently and if that works for them then be got no problem with it but I’m happy! I’ve gone through lots of years of much worse and terrible football!

I remember you posting that you loved our time in League one and that promotion wasn’t the be all and end all for you. You seem to have changed your mind a bit?

I remember meeting two guys from Marseille last year in the Peacock, they were Bielsa fans and go to his new clubs to talk to the fans. Their advice was” enjoy your time with Bielsa, because after he’s gone you’ll miss it and you won’t have him for long.

I’m determined to enjoy the journey!

12 Jun 2019 16:36:48
spanish i agree but you forget one big thing

each year we miss out is another year our good work is dented

not going up has already cost us cook, delph and all the rest

this year looks like it might costs us clarke, pontus and KP

next year might costs us shacks, and few of the under 23s

nearly is not good enough as it costs us moving forward

there is a reason city have kept phil foden who is one the best english talents i have seen and a reason we lost delph, veria, cook etc.

12 Jun 2019 23:08:44
Bermo, we’ve been missing out for 15 years! So the last year was progress and we need to be getting into the same position this year, then we will see who has learnt what, or not. You have to be up there to have a chance and finally last year we were.

We will learn a lot about Bielsa this year, what concessions to the championship he needs to make, whether he has an answer to what happened this year.

I’m looking forward to it and if we want to give, Clarke, Shakleton, Struick, Edmundson and possibly Bogusz some game time, there have to be places for them to play.

12 Jun 2019 23:10:24
Alf, you can’t fully judge the window until the end. A lot of good quality loans got sorted in the last few weeks last year, same again this year. I think it’s clear Bielsa wants more quality in attack, let’s see what happens.



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