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30 May 2019 16:25:26
If its only four new players in, what positions would you go for? For me I would like to see a striker, 2 wingers and attacking midfielder. Would stick with the keepers and defenders we used last season. Try and bring through the U23 Centre Half's if needed. One of my big concerns last season was the failure to replace Saiz and Baker plus Izzy Browne gave us nothing of any note. If Harrison goes back, four new faces would only be replacing the four players above. Really we should be looking at replacing these four and bringing in another 4 on top. This would give us a squad of about 25 or 26 players which is the minimum we should need for a full season.

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30 May 2019 17:03:27
Okay '70. As for striker, what do you think of Wilkes and Edmundson given a chance. Back with a fully fit Roofe? As for MF would you not give Boghusz and McCalmont a try. As for wingers what about Clarke (if he stays) or Shacks if he doesn't plus Odour.
Just a thought.

30 May 2019 17:33:26
Leodis all the players you mentioned should be in our plans however they need to be brought through gradually and not burnt out in their first season playing 35 plus games in a very intense and physically tough league. The old saying Men and Boys springs to mind. Apart from the exceptionally gifted, playing football at this level and higher is a learning curve, young players also have to develop physically, asking 4,5 or 6 players to step in and carry the team, would do them an injustice and would actually weaken the side. Although not widely used in football the term Novice is a good description. These young players who are the product of our academies hard work need to be developed and brought through gradually, not burnt out, whereby they can be a cornerstone for the club in years to come.

30 May 2019 17:48:47
You win nothing with kids is that what you're saying 1970.

30 May 2019 19:06:14
Same defence, seriously. Maybe okay if we can score ten goals a game.

30 May 2019 19:42:01
Not exactly Wex. What I am saying is you need to develop young talent properly and not burn the young players out, ruining their careers. Young players are on a learning curve and it is important to ensure they are progressing to their full potential not ending up on the scrap heap by being overplayed when not physically mature. You want them playing to their best for 10, 12, 15 years.

30 May 2019 20:49:10
Bielsabud, we SHOULD have scored ten goals per game! (Ok, exaggerating, but) . Our finishing was woeful last season, had it not been, we would have been champions.

30 May 2019 20:52:47
How come a few years ago 16 and 17 year olds were playing squad football if not first team and now 19 20 21 seems to be considered young. Just asking.

30 May 2019 21:30:02
I totally agree with your note on burnout. That's why for every position there will be 3 or 4 names ie for striker I would pick Bamord or Roofe but play Edmundson or Wilkes in several games. The same for other positions but with Bielsa and the team ready to take the young kids out of the firing line as soon as they spot "burnout". Having said all that; at that age it takes a lot to burn out. If you were anything like me, at that age, playing in the park most evenings and turning out for teams both Saturdays and Sundays.

30 May 2019 20:53:13
We actually had one of the best defenses in the division. Just saying.

30 May 2019 22:20:39
Burnout my arse. Did OLearys or Man U class of whatever year burnout? Pure nonsense talk.

31 May 2019 00:42:25
Burnout wrong word. Tiredness correct one. Freshening up a matchday eleven by rotation critical in today's game.

31 May 2019 08:21:58
Cork said before you can use stats to prove anything. When you are letting goals in against teams like QPR and Wigan i need to ask questions about defence. When we struggle at set pieces got to question defence. When you are 1-0 up against ten men and let two in and when you are 2-0 up on aggregate and let 4 in got to question defence. let's use a stat 60% possession means the other team has the ball for what 20 minutes and score 2 goals? For me a new CB is a must.



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