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16 May 2019 09:32:24
No one likes a witch hunt but i can't believe how poor Cassilla was last night and in fact has been since his arrival.
Last night wasn't all him, but he did not inspire confidence in the defenders and looked a beaten man after the cock up, I say move him to the No2 role (Austin Powers) , and let BPF back if they don't get a better choice.
So gutted, so frustrated, so so pixxed off right now.

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16 May 2019 09:46:51
in his defence it is hard to play in goal when you are attached to a bungee rope which is hooked to the stand behind the goal.

dont get what staff are upto though both keepers have played well in parts but been to big mistakes and loss of form

are we unlucky that both have same problems or is it backroom problem as well?

man management, loss of form, unable to turn things around has been a problem all over the pitch all season so i think it might be a bigger problem.

16 May 2019 10:07:24
Bermo, I think the last part of what you say is why there should be a period of calm reflection by Radz and the leaders of the club and then together with the coaches. What has worked, what hasn’t, why, what needs to be changed and who, how and is it possible within the budget. Bielsa has to really want to stay in my book but also the club really has to want him and back him and believe that Bielsa 2 can be different. Carlos 1 is an alternative with a view to having a more transitional year where we see just how good some of the youngsters are and how many can be part of another serious challenge going forward. Bielsa 2 could also be transitional and beneficial for the club but is it worth paying the money it costs for Bielsa and all his team for a year of transition? Lots of questions!

16 May 2019 10:19:18
agree spanish i think rads needs to be honest with Belisa and belisa needs to be honest with himself

pep failed first year but learnt and look at city now. I think Mb could do this for leeds but he needs to learn some of his mistakes have been as laughable as he good moments have been greatness.

I have always said for me this league is about proper gritty english football, no thrills, no spills hoof ball.

pulis, aladyce, houton, warnock (time and again) and now chris wilder

the best managers over achieve with what they have and for me MB has under acheieved in what turned out to be a poor league while cardiff and sheff utd have both tasted prem league when it should of been us really

lets hope he learns if not get rid and not for carlos for some english bloke who knows how to get an average team punching above not below it's weight

im praying for a boring dull season where we over achieve for once.

16 May 2019 10:40:46
I think we have overachieved this year over the course of the year and so have Norwich and Sheffield. I think West Brom, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough, Stoke, Notts Forest have under achieved, Derby, not so sure about. and Villa can of course still redeem themselves. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think we should have grasped the opportunity that presented itself, because I do. But over the year, with the players we had, injuries we had, disappointing loans we had, I think we over achieved and as fans we have understandably lost that perspective in the last few weeks.

I don’t think it matters what nationality the manager is but what he is like and how he fits. Carlos knows the club, understands the younger players and could make the change less revolutionary. But Bielsa and the club need to talk first.

16 May 2019 10:46:54
Cant agree Bermo i have enjoyed the football we have played, I would like to achieve promotion of course, but at the cost of allerdyceesc football, that would be boring. But would take it if that was the only way. We can do it like the way we have played this year, but with some real quality additions, my concern is Radz comment last week. If we get promoted he has got real investment lined up, but not so enthusiastic about if we didnt. We live in hope guys.

16 May 2019 10:58:56
Good point Dougie, the style of football we have played shows we have overachieved as well. Incredible stuff at times. Just need to answer the questions why we couldn’t reproduce it in games that really would have made the difference, QPR, Wigan, Brentford, Derby4, not bothered about Ipswich because I think it was a pointless game by then.

16 May 2019 11:01:39
i don't think anyone can say we overachieved when two weaker teams stole promotion from us, sheff utd and cardiff over ahcieved massivley, norwich overachieved slightly as well.

I have loved the football we have played but that style of football costs money, money we ain't got. the best way to get results at this level without spending money we ain't got is to look at cardiff and sheff utd. substance over style will get results in this league. our style of football will blow teams away but also cost us unless we spend like wolves and we ain't going to do that.

start of season top six was aim but so many big teams failed so with that in mind automatic promotion was there for the taking and we didn't take. all things considered that cost us

i think MB could do it, and come back stronger with the help of the under 21s but then again think some wilder type with lesser club will come through as they always do and chances are they will pip us again

championship is about grinding out results from time to time and this team couldn't grind out a pepper mill let alone a football match

those calling for investment are short sighted and unable to see what cardiff and sheff utd have done. it is not about the money it is about the style and ethos. we ain't man city so let's stop pretending and try and be sheff utd where barn door billy has become a god due to the style of play not because he is great or they have money players around him.

16 May 2019 11:18:24
Berm you said you have loved the style of football we have played, and in the same breath that it costs money. We have achieved this style with very little change from last year, I think we all agree that 3 very decent loans would have got us over the line, so therefore not really a huge lift on what we have now. We can achieve our aim with Bubs and some sensible purchase/ loans next season.

16 May 2019 11:36:31
i have enjoyed the style at times but also the style has cost us a lot and ulitmatly cost us too much

hull, blackburn, qpr x2, brum x2, millwall draw, ipsiwch ten men, wigan ten men, boro two draws, sheff wed draw, 1 point off forest, stoke loss, brentford defeat

these are all (to a greater or lesser extent) reasons why we didn't go up. a lot of these games are where our style failed us due to lack of quality and inability to grind out results is why a lesser sheff utd team are going to prem and we are back at square one

i love the sytle but with out money it is inconsisent and inconsistancy costs promotion

we need a spine and an ability to play poor and win, that is not just recuritment that is also style and tactics.

16 May 2019 12:23:16
Depends how much you want promotion Bermo! You did say it didn’t matter to you and it was more important how we played in one of your posts. At the start of the season, You said we would be lucky to scrape into the playoffs when you knew who the other teams were. At Christmas you said we still wouldn’t get automatic when you knew who the other teams were. You were right but based on you original aims and aspirations we have over achieved! Or were you wrong at the start of the season and wrong at Christmas. I like a lot of your analysis but struggle with some of the logic!

16 May 2019 12:17:06
Over a full season you don't over or under achieve. You finish where you deserve.

16 May 2019 12:53:16
never said it was more important how we play, the league don't matter to me but doing the best we can does. this year we threw away a league title that matters, however when we were poor i could accept that.

when we lost in league one i took it, but losing to poor teams now hurts. its all perspective

my analogy of winning 5 grand is perfect. winning five grand on a one pound acca is great winning five grand for getting all the numbers in euro lotto is awful.

this year throwing away the lead in jan to be dumped in record breaking fasion against a poor derby team is tragic.



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