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04 Apr 2019 14:50:20
watched the highlights of millwall game,

spoke to a lot of millwall fans who went game plus a die hard leeds fan who played for millwall for six years and is now a coach atfer retiring.

the good news is, it don't look good. We all agreed we were saved by pablo our defence is shakey, bamford is short of confidence and KP is useless (the leeds fan/ coach liked him untill i took him blow by blow over the highlights and after my presentation he agreed he has a really poor game)

so in conclusion leeds are going up as champions! when ever I have fancied us this season we have been poor and lost and when i have had no faith we have gone up, so we will win every game left and KP will get England call up. unless i give my power point presentation to Mr Southgate but I have offered and lucky for KP Southgate was busy and declined!

MOT back to prem.

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04 Apr 2019 14:59:45
FFS Phillips has had a good season which has seen him included in EFL team of year (yes Pablo not included) and is in the running for Leeds player of the season with Pablo.

04 Apr 2019 15:20:04
post was tounge in cheek notts, so far with leeds I have been wrong all season, when i know we will win we always lose and when i think we will lose we win.

however notts I am allowed an opinion and ok i talk about KP a lot but then just ignore. I wasnt at game but when you watch the highlights (which you can argue are the most important bits) he had a poor game, he was also poor against sheff utd. if you want you should watch the highlights and I can blow by blow go over why I think Kp was useless in highlights in wall game and sheff game and lead to why I think he is a very poor player who is massively over rated by yorkshire based leeds fans

he has been linked with england. southgate was watching Grealish at villa. now he has an england future, KP for me never in a million years.

04 Apr 2019 16:06:02
I chose to watch the game live and felt although he was not the best player on the pitch he certainly was not the worst. To assess a player's performance from a couple of minutes highlights is a joke.

04 Apr 2019 16:35:53
I am on a self imposed ban because when i go we lose and it is too important for us to be Bermondseyied at the moment.

you really should check out the highlights as well, you see so much more than when live at the game. It is why MB does it, works for him pretty well. also gives a real feel of why we conceed so many.

04 Apr 2019 16:42:49
Calm down Notts. When I read Berms post, I could see he was being jocular. Also, just because the EFL, whose judgement we deride all the time, have put KP in their team and not Pablo, it doesn't make him the better player. A comical team choice. If Pablo was to leave I would be saddened, if KP were to go, I would not bad an eyelid. The far easier to replace of the two. Calm down guys. We all love Leeds. MOT.

04 Apr 2019 16:56:25
just thought about your last post notts and got to say i find it a little insulting and pompus. what about all the leeds fans who can't afford to go or don't live near leeds, so none of them have any idea about leeds or right to judge or voice an oppinon. bit insluting don't you think?

I mean on that note I think the revie team might be good but was born in 83 so never see them so how can i know they were great, i mean i never saw them live. maybe bremner was over rate, gray a one trick pony and lorimer has a shot like a big panzy.

04 Apr 2019 17:02:54
I don’t really understand why we are back to discussing KP again in a season where we are 7 games away from the premiership. He is in the team until the end of the season, if we go up, Bielsa will decide if he’s good enough. End of story. Let’s just concentrate on supporting the team and getting them through the next 7 games!

04 Apr 2019 17:36:54
cheers tory,

I agree spanish it really was only a joke post about me being wrong about leeds all season then Notts had to jump on me and be rather rude and insutling to all leeds fans that can't go to every game and dare to have an opinon on our club.

04 Apr 2019 17:43:42
tory has got a point about the EFL team as well, it is a crime pablo ain't in it and i love coops i really do but he is not the best cb in the league, probably not in the top ten, Pontus should of been in the team and coops is decent but loves a mistake and not really fit to lace pontus boots, although coops is better than some of the critcims to come his way.

04 Apr 2019 17:58:19
Yes, I accept my comment could be taken the wrong way if you choose to do so. The point I am making is that it is difficult to conclude how well a player has played from a highlights reel. BWs comments about KP could be taken as tongue in cheek however the negativity about KP has been very consistent without very little evidence to support. Opinions welcome from all but I personally accept opinions when supported with reasons why rather than half baked rhetoric. As for the EFL team Tory, you are comparing apples with oranges so I don't get your point.

04 Apr 2019 19:04:03
I don’t think Notts was been pompous. Fans go to watch Leeds from every part of the country every week. This year I’m meeting A guy I used to work with who comes from near London on a supporters coach or train every game. Some supporters get to every home and away game. What is possible for some fans isn’t for others and it’s not just about money or the level of your commitment. Why is it relevant? I think your connection to the team grows and your desire to defend them as a group grows the more games you get to attend . For me it’s an almost religious experience. This year has been an exceptional year but the team has always been bigger than the parts, that’s what has delivered the success through essentially the same group of players. It’s the team contribution and team results that matter. I understand constructive criticism and commentary but not the slating or slagging off of individual players. If Bielsa picks you to wear the shirt it’s because of what he sees day in day out and the level of commitment you show, that’s good enough for me.

04 Apr 2019 19:24:23
Hi Notts. The point I was making about the EFL team was that it is utterly preposterous of them not to choose Pablo. In my view (and I know that I am retarded) he is comfortably the best player in his position in the Championship and a contender forthe best player in in the Championship overall. I know KP is not a like for like comparison, different position etc, but do I consider him the best in his position in the Championship - nah, he's not bad, but not that good. To me and again I know that I am often lacking in my assessments, Pablo is a 9.5 from 10 player, whilst KP is about an 8. Nothing against him, apart from his crap haircut, but he is not in the same league as Pablo and for him to be in the EFL team whilst Pablo is not, is to me indicative of how p1ss poor their judgement is. They make me look as if I know what I am on about and that takes some doing. Anyhow guys, let's forget about the EFL team and be glad we have got Pablo on ours. MOT.

04 Apr 2019 19:41:27
Spanish I agree with your sentiment but it certainly is about money, the average leeds game for me costs at least 300 quid plus a day off work, I go to all local games (anything from brighton to milton keys) but home games are very hard, plus when i go we lose so self imposed ban. I do agree it is a relgious experience

Notts as for KP you want reasons and not retoric. Ok here are my reasons why KP was useless agaisnt millwall. Granted I have only seen five minutes of the game, but five minutes are all i need when i have seen it all season. now I know you are a die hard fan who prefers to go to games but we all know you miss stuff when game is live so watch the highlights and you will see

1. higlight one. KP is beaten far too easiely like he is not even there, he then fails to track back leaving to them to have a shot well saved by BPF. KP was poor in this clip
2 second highlight. KP is beaten far too easily like he is not even there, he then walks back (not runs) looks around like headless chicken realise he has lost his man and runs in to pointless defensive potision as the man he should be marking scroes with header. watch this clip he doesn't know what he is doing as defensive mid. watch it notts
3. three our penalty KP is nowhere to be seen
4. our goal kp is nowhere to be seen
5. there pen, kp is beaten like he is not even there in his defensce he does track runner but we give away pen
6. KP pulls out of challenge (disgraceful) like a mssive panzy letting the millwall MAN take the ball past him, our MAN janson then is in trouble and has to commit a foul due to preussure. Pontus could of been sent off KP pulls out of 50 50 ball.
7. our goal KP is nowhere to be seen
8. our goal KP is nowhere to be seen

watch it notts and tell me where I am wong? I aint. Said it all season he is a red card waiting to happen, runs like he is carryinh a parachute and concrete boots, has no idea how offer desefnsive protection, is beaten far too easiely (millwall knew to run at him) and altough great with ball at feet offers nothing offensivley because he can't get up feild (not even in camera shot when we score)

yes i know i go on but you wanted reasons notts, please watch the game back. where am i wrong exactly?

you can like him, i can't stand him. however I have given valid football reasons as to why i think he is weak point in our team. before anyone jumps on me. watch it and again where am i wrong here?

that said MB plays him and MB is a god so i trust MB but doesn't mean i have to rate KP as anything other than a great footballer but awful athlete with no footballing brain.

04 Apr 2019 19:46:18
Yes, I agree that Pablo should be in the team of the season but that doesn't take away that Phillips has had a good season. You rate him at 8 out of 10 where in previous seasons he has probably been averaging 5 out of 10.

04 Apr 2019 20:17:04
Glad you looked back on your footage to put your essay together. Can't say I agree with your general opinions about KP but will not argue with your reasoning in this instance as it has been supported by evidence although I am not sure why a defensive midfielder has to be involved with every goal we score. I guess you judge him to a higher standard than I.

04 Apr 2019 20:17:16
Eeeeh. Bloody hell, are we still debating Kal!? He’s been great for us this season, in a new position for him, as historically (young youth) he’s been an attacking midfielder, but he has made mistakes, as has every other player in the squad. Can’t we just let this one go now, pleeeease? Like Spaniard says, 7 games left, and the golden chalice to play for. Let’s just do this!

04 Apr 2019 20:19:33
Thank you for sharing the original post BW as i have the utmost respect for the opinions of Millwall fans, especially those who thought Morrison was a god.

04 Apr 2019 20:29:22
in all honest notts i do reckonise KP skills. he would be an 8 out of ten in the right team, he should be playing for a team pushin for palyoffs like bristol city, they should build the team around him, he should not have to get the ball (not his strong point) there should be a player like batty or kante to win the ball give it to phillips and he can do wonder passes to the forward. that would make him a good player.

sadly he plays in a high press team as a defensive mid and it just ain't his game. let's be honest when a poor team like millwall can single you out as leeds weak point and have a game plan to target KP and run at him because he is slow. and it works i think you have to worry. let's be honest millwall run him ragged and this game plan nearly worked for them and it was millwall not a great team

he should not be in team of the year as he is playing defesnive mid and for all the reasons i stated he is a 4 out of 10 in this position.

I defend many a leeds player on here that no one else did such as wood, orta, aliski plus many others. i will defend leeds (you have to be a strong defender of leeds growing up in Bermondsey surrounded by milllwall) but i honestly worry with KP playing there. Personally i think he has to play where klitck plays and i would pick anita to play in KP role, he has got pormotion before and think MB could improve anita to be class and he has the skills to play there

that is my footballing debate on KP and the role he plays at leeds and why it gives me sleepless nights, i like having this debate and this website is the only site that cares and that i can discuss leeds, it is nice to hear people stick up for KP as every one i know is wall and they think he is useless.

so anyway that's my thoughts and debate on for me what is leeds uniteds weak point at the moment and what if anything might cost us promotion.

04 Apr 2019 20:42:12
Do not agree with Anita, his legs have gone and he is slower than Phillips.

04 Apr 2019 20:44:02
If anything, it would be the lack of taking chances that would cost us promotion but I believe we will achieve automatic.

04 Apr 2019 20:47:36
My god, keeping out of this one. lol. Go and have a pint lads!

04 Apr 2019 20:52:00
Bermondsey, we knew your view and it is not shared by a lot on here, regular match goers and not. It’s not shared by many of the pundits either. I’ve looked through the ratings sites for Saturday and haven’t found a score less than 6 for KP and going up to 7.5, your view is your view but you aren’t in the majority. My view on Saturday was that Alioski wasn’t getting back as quickly as he has been, that’s reflected in his scores and in Bielsa pulling him not KP at half time and that doesn’t happen very often. The defence wasn’t its strongest, Bailey had a part in that I thought and players were being caught out of position. I think you are very unfair on KP as you also were recently about Harrison. This is a team, judge the team not the individuals. KP is not going to cost this side promotion. Let’s put it to bed until the season ends.

Get up to one of the games before the season finishes, it’s worth 300 quid! You should have come up on the Millwall coach, that would have been cheaper. Try some of the supporters coaches coming up from the south .

So you go to the London games, don’t tell me you were at QPR!

04 Apr 2019 21:42:01
Bermondsey I can remember when you could have a moan or a joke or be over optimistic or pessimistic or a complete idiot on this site without the self appointed moderators who decide what you should be saying or worse declare that you aren't a true fan just because you have a different perspective.

04 Apr 2019 21:22:58
Notts with KP i don't think he has to be involed in our attacks but wish he was as he would offer something there, i do expect something in attack as he offers nothing in defence as shown on video. however it is all debate and nice to debate all things good and bad about leeds. Like when i got slaughtered for supporting orta and wood on the site when many others didn't

yes spanish this year i have been qpr twice, plus millwall away, plus middlesbourgh away (as guest of the club) . this weekend I had free coach travel and ticket and someone dropped out and the wall fans i know offered to pay for me as I always see us lose, it was hard to stay away but after over 17 years of not seeing us win i had to stay away. i honestly think if I'd of gone they would of beaten us. it is not kp but me that is leeds true weak link!

04 Apr 2019 21:32:25
Not reading all the replies but

If Eric Dire ( see what i did there) can play for England so can KP

Obviously he does need to perform consistently well in the premiership

He also has Declan Rice ahead of him ( who is a really good player) but . England career aside KP is a very good player

He also wears a Leeds shirt, love the lad to bits.

04 Apr 2019 21:53:22
Wex, if you decide that you want to spend the whole season berating a player that others rate, you have to be prepared for them to respond, it doesn’t only work one way! It’s not about moderating, it’s about right of reply! I’m sure Bermondsey respects that and is big enough to take it. I don’t think I have ever said that he’s not a true fan . It’s a banter site if you have strong views, you’re going to get them back!

04 Apr 2019 22:12:56
Well said Wex. 👍
Probably why some of the former regulars have disappeared!

04 Apr 2019 22:26:21
cheers wex

i love a debate, i don't mind being slated for my opinion and understand it is in the minortiy of leeds fans that is what's great about this site.

hate the if you don't go every week you ain't proper leeds. hate the you have to be positive or you ain't leeds and hate the every time kp plays well i get the hey BW how about kp tat, which is fine but when i can call when he honestly had a poor game (last saturday) i get slated. seems a bit one way.

same when i was the one of the few to back wood and got slated and one of the few to back MC and orta. also remeber i got slated for callig for hocks head after one game. sometimes i am wrong sometimes i am right but its just opion and don't make any of us more or less leeds than the others.

04 Apr 2019 22:37:19
or worse still tell people what topics you can post about.

04 Apr 2019 22:58:55
My last post was to Wex.

04 Apr 2019 23:35:56
cheers lads for the support

for the record spanish i have never been offended by you, i think you are passionate and a top bloke, i also respect you as both a fan of leeds and football (different things) i also respect you opinion even if we do widely differ on Kp but then i do differ from 80% of leeds fans on this.

that said a few have said i'm not leeds and made snidy remarks because i don't go every week,

to be honest it doesn't bother me and here is why.

i am lucky enough to support the greatest club in the world and lucky to share this with some great supporters.

Also I am not going to say i am the biggest or best leeds fan but i will say there is no greater leeds fan than me (although I will share top spot with 1000's because our supporters are amazing) .

I grew up in a school of over 2k students, i was the only leeds fan, wearing the shirt literally has put me in danger, got me into fights, arguemtns even spat at, when we win i share it with no one, when we lose i am the but of everyones jokes. I haven't seen us win live since 2002 well over 100 game costing thousdans of pounds and months of my life, i don't care. I eat sleep and dream of leeds to the point i cancled my wedding three days before as the millwall chruch organist refused to play marching on together as we left the church (we ended up getting a different organist)

being outside of leeds gives me very different leeds views, i don't mind this. I love brian clough (great manager) , i think the revie team was great but ultimately under achieved and should of won a lot more. I liked massimo chillino think he saved the club and overall did well by us. I think wilko was our best ever manager, i would rather play with 10 men than beradi as a left back as people rely on him and he messes up, i also think if beradi was five inches taller he would be one the best cbs we ever had. finally i think kp is the slowest, least mobile player in the league and the worst defensive midfeild player i have ever ever seen and by far the most over rated leeds player ever

still that is what this site is about and why i love this site

so lads let's march on together even if we don't agree about everything because we may not all love the same players but we do all love leeds MOT.

05 Apr 2019 05:50:25
Danum it’s a banter site, banter is all about people making comments and people responding, that’s what makes the site work so well. I’d be very surprised and disappointed if that’s what stopped people contributing to the site. I like Bermondsey’s posts because he posts, reads replies and responds. He inspires people or winds people up enough for them to respond!

Let’s face it it, if you come on a Leeds fans forum this year and say that KP ‘ is the slowest, least mobile player in the league, worst defensive midfield player and most over rated player ever, you should probably be prepared to get a bit of banter back!

Everyone’s got the right to post their opinions, but accept that people have got the right to respond back .

05 Apr 2019 07:06:24
Agree with Spanish. This is a forum for discussion and that is all I am personally looking for. If you try hard enough you can find offence in all comments. BW, not judging you as as less of a fan for not attending games. Just making a valid point that 5 mins of footage is not a fair reflection of how a player plays over 90 mins. I take no offence that you accused me of suggesting that fans who don't attend games have no right to an opinion.

05 Apr 2019 10:17:26
Response and banter is fine but nobody has the right to declare that a poster is a true fan or not.

05 Apr 2019 08:18:44
you are 100% spot on spanish,

i do expect stick as this year i have said the following

kp is slower than my 76 year old acholic nan in concret boots

kp is weaker in the tackle than my two year old (and she is a girl)

Kp has the defensive awareness and positional sense of a dead hampster

I have also said he must be the youngest ambasdor for walking football and questioned what prat keeps tying his shoe laces together

i do expect stick from this,

however as much as i do joke i also think leeds fans suffer from yorkshire, one of our own blindness and think if he was an 8 million pound buy from spain he would get more stick.

also not sure if true but my mate works for millwall and said my views on KP got passed onto neil harris who studied KP footage and their game plan was focus on KP and run at him

now this could be true as he is high up at wall however it could be a wind up and false.

what i think can't be denied is that in the game KP got roasted every time by a poor millwall team, I think again analising the footage you can see how ineffective and how he costs us and again this was at millwall.

I am honestly shocked how anyone can watch this and not say. he is useless there and he did cost us. he needs to play further up or be dropped. also pulling out of the tackle and dangling a leg like he was holding a posh handbag against the millwall fella was a disgrace and nearly got pontus sent off. must of been worried about messing up his hair

that said it is the beauty of the game and I do love how everyone can watch the same game and see other things

again in the name of banter not everyone can be as knowleadgeble about football as good old Bermondsey and I can only try and educate.

05 Apr 2019 10:49:05
Nobody has the right to declare what we can and cannot banter about.

05 Apr 2019 11:07:03
Fact is BW KP is human and will have poor games and managers will try to find a way to upset his play but not because he is the weakest link but because he is one the more important ones. When this happens its up to the team and manager to rectify it. Alioski was not on his game and offering little defending so was pulled. KP has been pulled in games as this is how the manager sees it on the day. KP will not be effective in every game against every system but if i wrote a post about him every time he had a good game can guarantee i would be posting five times more than you do about his bad games. We do not know what instructions Bielsa gives in his team talk but we do know he expects more of his players than being just a left back or just a striker. Do agree with you though that KP would be useful further forward and would score more goals higher up field. In answer to another post on this stream about not missing KP if he went i think good DMs are hard to find as a lot of clubs are after one, we are lucky enough to have one who will still improve, can see a few clubs sounding us out about him in the summer. Correction we have two, Diaz turning in some strong displays in this position for U23s.

05 Apr 2019 11:58:49
Last time I checked Millwall lost to Leeds 3-2. Whatever tactics they deployed did not help them win the game.

05 Apr 2019 11:59:07
BIGE i completly agree he would be better further up, I would put him on free kicks and corners (now douglas is out) I honestly think he is great with the ball, if we had a batty my team talk would be batyy win the ball and give it to KP because KP is gifted I have said maybe best passer of the ball in the league. I also think he would be very effective in final thrid

I also agree good dm's are hard to find, I disagree that we have one. the millwall game is not a one off, look how easy they run past him, look how often he is out of position, look how many shots on goal or goals we conceed because he is either easily beaten or out of potision sometimes both. finally pulling out of the tackle was ajoke and if pontus got sent off people would slate pontus but KP put pontus in that position. Agsinst sheff utd both goals where coopers fault however it was poor play by kp that twice left him open.

how can he be a good dm when he can't tackle, he is very slow and not mobile and doesn't read the game well. give kp the ball wonders will happen, ask KP to defend and win the ball. leeds will conceed. if millwall can do it so can any tin pot average team.

05 Apr 2019 12:16:42
A DMs role is to disrupt play intercept and pay the ball forward productively and yes would expect him to get tackles in but that is not all his role is. KP ticks 80% of the boxes for that role and yes his tackling needs to improve but he is improving in a role that was thrust upon him 7 month ago. If a player does go past him the defenders behind should be watching the game and aware of it. Can not see how you blame KP for mistakes others make, you as well say because Bamford and Roberts missed three sitters they are responsible for the penalty we gave away. I could single any player out of any team and scrutinise their mistakes but overall if their team is second in the league with everything to play for they have done a job. MOT.

05 Apr 2019 12:35:55
KP has the top tackling stats in the Leeds squad.



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