28 Feb 2022 13:44:30
And, so a new chapter begins. Incredibly sad the Bielsa era has ended the way it has. The man transformed so much at the football club that until his arrival had only finished in the top half of the Championship twice in eight seasons. His first attempt a 3rd place finish before taking us up as champions, 10 points clear, and conceding only 35 along the way. With a brand of football that had me up and down from my seat more times than I dare count. Players that had before never looked more than average 2nd tier players produced some of the best, entertaining football I have seen. In my opinion, Bielsa never had the quality of player available to him like an, O'Leary or Wilkinson. How many currently in this squad could we say would oust anyone from the squads available to O'Leary or Wilkinson? Of course its a different era and football has changed, but without the great man I feel the vast majority of that Championship squad would still be playing Championship football.

Firpo an upgrade on Alioski?
Llorente an upgrade on White?
Rodrigo an upgrade on Hernandez? (Because that's the role he has played more often than not. )
These are questions the board and recruitment team need to ask themselves.

Marsch, is someone I expected to be seriously linked to the job once the 49ers took full ownership. Mainly due to the American link, and likelihood of wanting to promote the Leeds United brand in the States. If, Marsch is indeed the one that later today is appointed then it's not ideal timing for him. It's a gigantic task for him, but a gigantic task for any manager coming in at this stage. With no experience in the Premiership, he has to get to grips with that, and the players back to performing to the level they have previously. A level that many of the players never reached let alone maintained until, Bielsa. New ideas, system, tactics, formation, and those same injuries we've had to deal with all season. It's going to be tough for anyone, but something needed to change. With more realistic winnable games to come than Man u and Liverpool let's hope for an upturn and positive change.

I'll be at our next home game against Villa cheering as always. On on on!

1.) 28 Feb 2022
28 Feb 2022 14:28:57
When you look at the fact we lost
And the replacements are not as good

And we have had most of the season without bamford, cooper, Phillips in the same team, Ayling was missing for awhile and we haven’t really had a stable centre back pairing, nobody has stepped up to replace the goals of Bamford it’s not hard to see why we have had a difficult season .
Trying to do the same thing as last season with half the team we had.

2.) 28 Feb 2022
28 Feb 2022 16:50:12
Mate, Ayling has been missing all season and we have a quality young number 9 sat Ont bench week in week out that someone refused to play him. A large percentage of our troubles have been self inflicted it’s that simple.

3.) 28 Feb 2022
28 Feb 2022 18:04:24
You cannot at this point say Joffy should or shouldn't have been played as he is relatively untested. i hope he is, but he has yet to prove that.

4.) 28 Feb 2022
28 Feb 2022 18:07:28
Hi Clueless, when I read your post it totally puts football into perspective. Health, life and happiness are all so much more important than our very much loved team and I hope and pray that you will soon turn a corner, I’m not a religious man but I’ve been going to church lately due to having to attend to be able to get married there, so I will say a prayer for you next time I’m in to see the big man. I feel for you I really do and I know we all have a dog on here and with it banter but nothing is more important than the person behind the name. I wish you well my friend, get better, keep well and hopefully other things will change for the better then anything Leeds United can inspire after that will be an even bigger bonus for you. Take care pal MOT SIDE BY SIDE 🙏✊💐.