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13 Jun 2018 16:53:36
some outlets reporting Bielsa deal is complete and announcement to be made as soon as his work permit comes through. The Leeds Rollercoaster gearing up for another circuit fellow Leeds fans and sufferers.

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13 Jun 2018 21:58:16
According to Argentine news the work permit is now granted.

14 Jun 2018 00:56:54
yes looks like we've finally gt our man sounds like he's going 2b on a lot of money just 4 1 season he's prob going to have 2 gt us up 2 prem 2 justify payin him a big wage 4 1 season

14 Jun 2018 11:14:26
He will get us promoted! He is such a good manager yes he’s volatile but we need someone with some bottle and not just another yes man!

14 Jun 2018 13:31:29
You're right Davey. We are Leeds, and we need someone passionate, with bottle and the potential to be volatile.

14 Jun 2018 19:04:52
More English, less textspeak please :)

12 Jun 2018 17:11:58
Apparently we are about to appoint some bloke called Marcelo Bielsa as our new manager

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12 Jun 2018 18:22:30
Dragged on a bit !

12 Jun 2018 19:01:44
Never heard of him! Is he related to Hockaday?

12 Jun 2018 15:46:37
Marcus Antonsson and Pawel Cibicki likely to be the next to leave amid interest from abroad.

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12 Jun 2018 15:56:52
Start the Car!

12 Jun 2018 17:28:11
The first of many Alf?

12 Jun 2018 18:58:22
Well Mager Gomes has already gone

12 Jun 2018 19:32:16
Any idea on the price of gomes alf? Just undisclosed

13 Jun 2018 09:32:17
I don't know the exact fee but I have read the word 'nominal' in one report so I'm guessing not very much. tbh we were probably glad just to move him on without having to pay up his contract.

12 Jun 2018 15:45:36
Linked to Dean Henderson, U-21 England keeper from Man Utd if BPF goes to Wolves this summer.

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12 Jun 2018 21:29:52
I saw the rumour and thought, why would BPF, apart from t' brass, want to go and not even be guaranteed a start for their U-23s ?

13 Jun 2018 09:33:43
Thats what i thought as well mate. BPF has spent 4 years trying to get 1st team football and after finally making it why go somewhere to be number 2, 3 or 4 again?

13 Jun 2018 14:15:09
Looking at Wolves's keeper options BPF would struggle to make it as their 4th choice

12 Jun 2018 15:35:35
although in other news, Bielsa is set to join within the next 24 hours

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12 Jun 2018 15:34:36
Matias Almeyda is the back up plan should we not get our 1st choice manager by all accounts.

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12 Jun 2018 18:29:00
Sounds good to me, hopefully the club might just spot the opportunity for some continuity and sign him up as Bub's assistant, unless Pablo is looking to be a manager here.

11 Jun 2018 14:29:35
According to the YEP the first announcement looks like Mbakogu. Has Radz fell for it with Capri's deadline?

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11 Jun 2018 16:28:32
I don't think so, all the noises about Jerry have come from Italy

12 Jun 2018 07:13:50
I hope you are right Al, we have had our share of gambling on unkowns, and I hope today might be the day when the ball starts rolling at ER with some positive news.

12 Jun 2018 12:10:02
Phil Hay reckons it's a no go . hopefully he might have got something right :)

12 Jun 2018 15:33:24
Better to get Jerry from Tom and Jerry. at least he can run fast and isn't afraid of a scrap. clever too.

11 Jun 2018 11:50:18
Madger Gomes the first one out of the door! Perhaps we are going to get a clear out after all! ?

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11 Jun 2018 14:07:04
That they want/need a clearout is not in doubt. The big questions are Who wants them and how much will we get?

11 Jun 2018 15:24:29
nobody and nothing spring to mind.

11 Jun 2018 16:30:08
O'Kane to go . anywhere . for a nice, shiny new five pound note and a bag o' chips

12 Jun 2018 15:51:06
perhaps we could swap O'Kane for Harry Kane. Think of the extra cash Spurs could make selling all those 'O's in the club shop. d'ya think they will go for it?

10 Jun 2018 13:12:49
Tom Pearce and £10 mill for vydra! ? Don't know how I'd feel about that one to be honest! Also saw that Abel Hernandez is in fact in Uruguay right now, and NOT in Turkey, as some media had reported! Maybe that one could still come off?

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10 Jun 2018 14:21:55
Just to add to the conspiracy theory, old Bub's in Uruguay at the mo' too

10 Jun 2018 20:05:46
Lol you can't beat a good conspiracy theory.

11 Jun 2018 10:27:43
Do we really have the cash to spend £10m on one player?

11 Jun 2018 14:08:01
Not if some of it is being used to get Bielsa on board.

11 Jun 2018 16:31:03
Alf, you not heard? dirty Leeds, filthy rich :)

10 Jun 2018 12:21:12
Rumour now doing the rounds that Wolves are planning a £4 million bid for Bradley Peacock-Farrell. Radz best get his finger out as we will need a new keeper.

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10 Jun 2018 12:51:39
As Hooks might say, tell them to fork off.

10 Jun 2018 13:09:57
Saw that too mezzer, but don't think we would sell, and nor would Bailey want to go and be a benchwarmers at Wolves. I get the impression he really wants our number 1 jersey!


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