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17 jan 2018 12:43:47
lufc confident of signing middlesboro midfielder adam forshaw by end of week

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17 Jan 2018 12:48:18
Just read that meself, but don't really know owt about him? Is he any good? What type of midfielder?

17 Jan 2018 12:54:27
Quality midfielder, all the experience people have been saying vieira and phillips have a lack of, well this guy has it, at this level, and after a full season in the prem. His distribution is excellent and loves a through ball, can see him being the strings alongside vieira in this side.

17 Jan 2018 13:13:16
Sign him up then, if that's the case!

17 Jan 2018 13:26:11
He's decent. Got a bit of bite too. Form dropped this year ( I wonder why. ) Good top end championship player. Gut feeling is we'll miss out on personal terms. Also unlike us to have our interest known. Could be just his agent forcing Cardiff to offer a better dealz whilst we swoop for a 17 year old in the Belgium Sunday league whose got a decent first touch and a hot mum.

17 Jan 2018 13:29:42
Not heard much about him, But if he is as good as some are saying, I say sign him up. His experience at this level is what we need. Please then go and sign an experienced striker!

17 Jan 2018 14:43:03
Got experience of getting promoted as well as couple of times so that could come in useful.

17 Jan 2018 15:14:25
Read what the boro fans are saying, all say he's a nice bloke and sorry to see him go, but in footballing terms they are saying let him go as he isn't up to it, in fact, one states he hasn't had a good game since 2016.slightly worrying, unless we can get him going.

17 Jan 2018 17:19:26
Experiance getting promoted? So whys he still in championship? Must be good

17 Jan 2018 17:50:14
Exactly my thoughts Martyn! He can’t be that good and £2M would be better spent by adding it to the apparent £4M we have got for s striker! Get the striker situation sorted and we can move forward!

17 Jan 2018 19:09:04
He's a lot better than the midfield we currently have and I for one will welcome his signing with open arms, get Phillips back on the bench so he can come on and have his good 10/20 minutes rather than 60 minutes of hiding and poor decisions. Forshaw knows how to pick a pass and is what we need in the middle of the park

17 Jan 2018 19:33:56
He has experience of PL and the championship, we have been asking for players like this so come on guys give him a chance. Maybe this guy just needs a fresh challenge and Leeds could be it. With the choice we have in our squad at present, i am pleased to have him.

17 jan 2018 12:42:19
josh windass not coming to lufc as he wants to stay at rangers? might be targetted again in close season

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17 Jan 2018 13:26:49
Can't shoot lads that say no Radz isn't Mafiosi

17 Jan 2018 11:45:38
Expect 2 strikers to join next week. Experienced and youngling. Leonardo Ulloa from Leicester and son of Dean amusing last name from Scottish giants Rangers looks close. #nomoremediterraneansofties 🤣👏⚽️🥅

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17 Jan 2018 12:16:12
What is your source young man? Ulloah seems quality.

17 Jan 2018 12:19:23
Can't see it George, at 31 he too old for under 23,s

17 Jan 2018 12:40:51
Really hope you're right George! Ulloah must be on some right wages tho, so could that mean the end of PMSL, sorry, I mean PML.

17 Jan 2018 13:34:27
Ulloah would be a class signing. Send Lasogga back to free up his wages and get Ulloah on the payroll. Let's hope this is more than just a rumour.

17 Jan 2018 14:55:24
George, are you talking out of your Windass?

16 Jan 2018 17:14:42
CBJ GONE. One word; "Thank **** for that! "

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16 Jan 2018 17:52:25
or more accurately 4 words but i agree with the sentiment. what a waste of money.

16 Jan 2018 18:16:01
And therein lie the rules of "the obvious game".

17 Jan 2018 02:02:43
First game he played I thought he looked bright and exciting and added some width. Flattered to deceive. From that point on - nothing. Can't understand it. These young guys with some obvious talent come out on loan and have a gifted opportunity to showcase whatever they have for their parent club to see. and they clown about as though they we are not worthy to have them set foot on out patch. They think they are too good for us for them to have to put In the effort and instead come off looking like mugs, wasting their time and ours, and blotting their copy book. What a waste.

17 Jan 2018 11:35:09
Great assessment kiwi. Total waste.

16 Jan 2018 12:07:44
Apparently we cant/wont sign Martin due to us having tight wage structure. Which makes me think we won't sign anyone proven or at peak.

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16 Jan 2018 12:54:22
We have to be smart. We have to realise that we spent 3 on roofe and he is good for 10-15 a season. To get 15-20+ we will need to spend $5-$10 mill. We got shtloads for taylor and wood and i'm hoping orta hasn't spent the lot. We will need to spend $15 mill this window to get up. Spent wisely it will come back 1000 fold. Wisely. No foreign rubbish.

16 Jan 2018 13:09:39
Hi Creeky. I have just read another site saying that we are in the late stages of completing negotiations for his services and that Leeds fans are delighted. I was like to listen to these Leeds fans, as i cannot understand why we would want anyone that Derby would agree to send us and his recent scoring record looks pants. I would go for that Marriott chappy.

16 Jan 2018 13:33:07
Agree tory.

16 Jan 2018 14:50:06
If we were to break, or stretch our wage structure, I would hope it would be for better than Chris Martin. no point doing it for him, in my view.

17 Jan 2018 12:59:51
Still thing vibe is the best candidate to take leeds up at the point of our attack, sign canos for the left and let the magic happen, with forshaw looking likely picture this. wiedwald, ayling, jansson, cooper, de bock, vieira, forshaw, phillips, saiz, vibe, canos. the ability we've then got on the bench is outstanding, lonergan, berardi, shaun, dallas, phillips, hernandez, alioski, roofe what a team by the way

17 Jan 2018 14:56:49
looks like a decent shout Samo

16 Jan 2018 07:50:21
Cynical but i'm being told martin, and rodwell are the latest two

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16 Jan 2018 17:53:53
Rodwell would need to agree to a large wage cut before we could sign him.

{Ed001's Note - he is the one player at Sunderland that had no relegation wage cut clause in his contract and he is still stealing 60k a week from them for sitting on the treatment table.}

16 Jan 2018 00:46:54
Relax, all the posters on here that said there is always one team that comes from nowhere into the play offs and thought it could be us! Its not. Its fulham! Think we will be the team that flirts with top 6 the entire season and then misses out in last week. Wait. Wasnt that last season? As my previous post two days ago. Nothing changes! Fed up and bored of it. Hate losing. Hate under achieving. We just seem time and time again to get owners with the right intentions but not the knowledge needed to come good on them.

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16 Jan 2018 04:39:10
Another good post. What's going on with you Aussie and all these excellent contributions? Dosage must be spot on finally.

{Ed001's Note - maybe he has been hacked?}

16 Jan 2018 05:51:39
Funny guys. Funny.

16 Jan 2018 07:13:11
Frustrates the life out of me Aus, we have been in similar positions to this before, notably the decent team Grayson had, last season also, with 2/3 quality signings we could really give it a good go, we have bought way too much quantity over quality, I have spent a fortune travelling to and from All the home and away games, and I will carry on doing it, I would however like us to show some ambition over the next fortnight and at least try to get the players to take us into the top 6.it's 15-16 months since we knew Taylor was going and we only just got a left back, let's hope it's not 15-16 months till we replace wood!

16 Jan 2018 13:12:23
Oh dear george and ed. 4 down. Maybe my reputation precedes me?

15 Jan 2018 22:13:18
Only my opinion but I really hope we don't get Chris Martin, 4th choice striker at Derby, no pace, is this really what we think the answer is, there's got to be better out there, why are we not spending 5-6 mil on a striker when we have sold one for 15 mil? . we can't replace that with loan players, Derby wouldn't let him go if he still 'had it'. they are In the play offs pushing for 2nd, even if they thought he still had something to offer from the bench they would surely keep him. like I say, just my opinion, sure there's plenty that would like him here.

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16 Jan 2018 10:07:51
Seems not just your opinion mate👍

16 Jan 2018 14:53:24
Totally agree Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds! And with Toryscum that Marriott is the one to go for.

15 Jan 2018 17:19:27
Well. Leeds are very interested in Derby's Martin according to reports. An experienced Championship player. just what's needed and many more with the correct experience and hudger. Is it too late?

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14 Jan 2018 15:28:56
I see we are looking at 17 year old boy wonder Kean, currently playing as a striker for Verona. With a strike rate of.1 in 7? Unless they know something, it doesn't seem to be the immediate answer to our striking problem.

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14 Jan 2018 15:43:07
Sorry, All Together Now, "one for the future"

14 Jan 2018 20:19:30
The future’s bright, the future’s WHITE

14 Jan 2018 21:36:39
I wonder who the agents are behind all the 'ones for the future' signings and how much they are making from these deals?

15 Jan 2018 19:07:00
I bet these agents don’t have to wait to be paid in the future, like we have to wait for success!


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