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30 Jun 2017 21:20:17
Boraboy oops sorry I mean Swadlad you said earliest Icelandic centre back would be a dross signing? Was he dross when they knocked England out of the euros last year? But I guess even England internationals wouldn't be good enough for you.

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30 Jun 2017 21:36:10
1 good game doesn't make any player good. Kyle Bartley is a better player who knows the league.

30 Jun 2017 21:49:51
Nice one buddy, you should know that any good players are destined for Boro so maybe it's best to just pack up now and get a second team like Swad! Apparently he can guarantee that Howson will go to Boro cause they have more to offer and besides that we only get dross signings and he says I probably hate Millwall and the Wendies and that makes him laugh!

Why does he want to rain so heavily on our optimism maybe it's something to do with the condition called twoteamsyndrom or whatever. If we as true Leeds supporters can show optimism when the likes of some of the latest managers and signings we've had then I'm sure we have the right now to be in dream land the way Radz is going on with business, you know ask yourself who had ever heard of Wagner, Mooey, Konte and many others that are now world class but as soon as we go for any unknown Manager or players they are labelled as dross!

Why is it just cause Leeds have got them or is you are a great philosopher of football? I think we know the answer eh mate. MOT

30 Jun 2017 21:58:07
If I remember boraboy it was plenty of good games

30 Jun 2017 22:00:30
Which country is it Bartley represents? And how many caps has he got.

30 Jun 2017 22:43:45
Spot on mate absolutely spot on, this is the best pre season we have had for being optimistic for years so bring it on eh Martyn, we know who our number one and only team is and it's the only team to support Super Leeds, just a quick question Martyn as I'm stuck on this question, please could you tell me the last time Middlesbrough were in the Semi Final of The Champions League? I just can't remember mate! MOT

30 Jun 2017 23:39:19
Haha mike right there you have just proven my point about deluded Leeds fans, living in the past ain't you lol, Kyle Bartley represents England Martyn, I think your find being a international of Iceland is far easier than a England international so your point fails I'm afraid. And yeah mike it does make me laugh when Leeds fans hate other teams lol it shows how idiotic Leeds fans are, it's a game of football not life and death lol.

But it's fine you be happy with the many average players Leeds are signing n expect miracles from them only too see at the end if the season that Leeds have failed to get promoted once again. Your support is just blind support, I see what keeps happening and Il say my opinion and I don't expect you to agree because we ain't all the same but unlike you il take my beer goggles of and say what needs saying.

Unless the signings improve we will not be getting promoted and you can forget howson joining imo, and to say we have players just as good as howson shows how little you know of football.

01 Jul 2017 00:10:30
Haha Middlesbrough in the Champions League? 😂😂😂

01 Jul 2017 00:22:03
I think that would be none woody. Would just like to let swad know that bora are advertising for a dressing room match day fluffer! Opertunity to get closer to cid withoutout him getting an induction out against Swadlad for stalking. He's prob applied for job already anyway.

01 Jul 2017 01:24:44
That's funny mate great post, I think the season is going to be an unpredictable one, the most unpredictable one for years as there is a lot of money being spent and a few different clubs spending it, I think ours will be great or rubbish, I don't think we will have a runaway leader, Villa, Boro, Fulham, Wendies, all up there with Sheffield United could be a surprise team, hopefully us up there, Sunderland were looking a mid table but Grayson could do wonders there, Monk will do good at Boro but that depends on who goes and who they get in. This just might be to soon for us and next season the one for us, just have to wait and see but whatever happens I will always be the ignorant, stupid, deluded, fool, following Leeds fan I always have been! MOT

01 Jul 2017 05:54:07
Me too pal.

01 Jul 2017 08:05:30
Lol get a room you 2 seriously

01 Jul 2017 08:24:30
Lmao nice one mike, I said you were deluded not ignorant, not ignorant, stupid or a fool haha. That's exactly my thoughts on Leeds fans very simple who will accept yet another poor season in this terrible league lol and that's fair enough if that's all you want but I don't I want promotion to not have to go though another embarrassing season getting beat by Burton Albion but we all have different targets and as you said your still be there supporting them a year later n the rest of your life because that's what true fans do lol that's where your wrong imo, Leeds shouldn't be a team in the championship, I accept you have to earn your position to get promoted but Leeds won't be doing that when all they ever do is sign average players along with average managers. Oh well the new gk will do great for us won't be lol he averages 2 goals conceeded per game. I'm sure we will get along way with him in goal haha

01 Jul 2017 08:54:13
Martyn me knowing Garry monk is a far better manager than the one we have now is not me stalking him it's me having knowledge of football and as iv said I'm not even a fan of Garry monk as he was another useless manager we brought in n slated after 3 months as Leeds fans are well known for. I'm saying like it or not with the manager we have now we have taken a big step backwards. you can't expect someone who has been managing in Cyprus to come to England and succeed, people will say oh what about Huddersfields manager n so on but David Wagner was managing in a better league than Cyprus. We lost David Stockdale to Birmingham lol says it all, he's even a Leeds fan yet we lose him to Birmingham, embarrassing. We get someone who let's 2 goals in per game lol jeeze can't wait to watch him lol

01 Jul 2017 09:09:17
Getting beat by button albion? Not with the great monk in charge? As for getting a room son we tried but they said the last double was booked by hissing cid and fluffer boy.

01 Jul 2017 10:34:43
Haha good post Martyn oh better post mike lol like a love affair going on lol yes Garry monk was in charge when we lost to Burton Albion n he wasn't good enough I'm not saying he was but to change him for the unknown we have is a sign of a lack of ambition. You might be happy with that but I am not.

01 Jul 2017 10:31:47
If really don't think I've ever met such a negative Leeds follower in all my life, Swadlad maybe does have some good points but I don't think we need it ramming down our throats after all this a banter site, for the record I never said football was life or death nor do I hate any team or supporters to the point death!

Deep stuff this eh! All of our opinions are light hearted, truthful, maybe deluded, maybe spot on and maybe head in the clouds dream land stuff but whatever they are they are our thoughts and at the moment great optimistic thoughts, we have no rights to be in the Prem but we have a good chance of getting there now the engine room is cracking on.

Swadlad with all respect to you we have had so much turmoil, court cases, transfer embargos, fines and ownership irregularities, now we have one owner, no more loanees, no more over paid free loaders, what we do have is a good owner with good intentions, he's making signings.

it's something good to talk about for a change, the players are in the price brackets we've never had the money to go for before, we are riding on a wave not a big wave granted but a wave never the less.

It's what makes deluded supporters like me tick, I'm not on here to fall out and bad mouth people but come Swadlad give us a all a break, after all you never know you might have to eat your words at the end of the season if not we moan and then start the optimism again for the next season. Have a good weekend all and that includes you Swadlad! MOT

01 Jul 2017 11:23:00
It really doesn't matter my opinion is my opinion and I accept it's a negative opinion but untill Leeds sign players I think are of a decent standard I won't be changing my opinion, these players we are getting are not going to get Leeds united up into the mix of the playoffs. Can't see Chris wood staying as no one that scores 30 goals in 1 season should be playing at this level. The gk we have just signed averaged conceeded 2 goals per game in his time at his club sorry but that is not a good signing. Now the positives, the defence is pretty good just need a better cb than what is reported we might get, the whole midfield needs changing definitely Pablo Hernandez and his lack of effort once we turned his loan into a permanent signing.

01 Jul 2017 11:45:32
Haha Monk the genius lost to Burton and we weren't even interested in Stockdale. You're so boring Swaddy.

01 Jul 2017 11:51:36
Yes Leeds were definitely interested in Stockdale and even if we weren't does that not say how bad Leeds are? He has been a unreal to for years now so if we weren't interested you have to ask why the heck not? He's much better than every to we have that's for sure.

01 Jul 2017 11:53:25
Also sg90 I'm not asking you to be interested am I lol don't reply if you find me boring use your brain lol

01 Jul 2017 12:12:24
Other than fans begging him to sign on social media, I saw nothing linking us with Stockdale. He's not better than Green anyway, so what are you crying about?

01 Jul 2017 13:44:52
He's not better than green well that says everything I was saying about deluded Leeds fans. Green use to be better but he's definitely not now, record proves it :)

02 Jul 2017 09:59:39
Swad, who or what exactly are you?

02 Jul 2017 15:02:27
I do think Middlesbrough are a better more stable team than Leeds which was my original post which I still stand by. Doesn't mean I don't support Leeds united but means I can see what's going on at Leeds.



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