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22 Jun 2017 15:59:18
Medical underway for £1.5m polish international . This is a very good signing, rumour has it the transfer budget is circa £20m . If this is correct we could see 8 or 10 more good quality players in the £1m to £3m price range come in . If this proves to be the case, think Monk had his head turned, as with this level of investment he should have been confident enough to stay on and do the job, thereby proving he was worthy of the longer contract he wanted and thought he was worth.

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22 Jun 2017 16:39:07
I think bridcutt will go now keep okane I just think we may go to another level next year. A big name manager doesn't mean success. Get another striker or push Rolfe upfront and I think we could be there abouts

22 Jun 2017 18:56:22
Brid won't leave, Phillips loaned out More likely, perhaps Sheffield united or burton? I wouldn't mind that.

22 Jun 2017 20:15:25
Monk apparently wants too take brid too boro. ? And has told downing he can leave. 32 years old but still a decent winger. Can cross and score. Cud do a deal maybe. Not sure if downing has a few or can go free. ? ⚽️😃👍

22 Jun 2017 21:04:50
Steve Evans is the source for the £20m figure so dismiss that immediately. He knows nowt. He just likes to think he does. Probably gets a few quid per quote. I doubt any of the regulars will be sent out on loan until TC has had a good look in pre season. He'll have an idea of what he wants from then and what he needs to add "to the group" as GM was so fond of calling them. Hernandez I really liked but if he didn't play neither did we. I can see him staying but not being the main man. Roofe I can see improving. I think there's better value than the rumoured £7m for barts even though he was a rock for us last year. Looking at some of the names being quoted, it's the second summer of optimism for over 15 years. That said there's few teams that look an easy 3 points and the ones that do, we lost away to last year. It'll be a dog fight every week. On, on, on

22 Jun 2017 22:10:08
A budget of £20m is probably not enough, unless we get lucky. I mean Hull and Sunderland have already received £17m and £25m respectively for players they've sold, plus parachute payments. I wonder how big their budgets will be?

22 Jun 2017 23:10:54
20 million is not enough to keep up with the rest. People talk this klich player up like he's a good player lol sorry but other than he's cheap his record is pretty lame. if you want to keep up you need players like bakary sako or someone who has played in this league and has been brilliant.

23 Jun 2017 01:18:47
Swadlad the lad hasn't even kicked a ball yet TCmightnhave ideas for him to play a different role or position? Personally don't see brid as captain this year, could we'll be jansson, green or wood for me? Who knows eh gents

23 Jun 2017 01:49:04
Not sure how you come to that Swadlad, Klich scored 6 with 4 assists in 29 games last season, scale that up to a champ campaign of 46 games and that's 10 goals 6 assists, more than the rest of our midfield put together. Also you can't compare him to Sako, he plays in a different position, we are looking at Alioski on the wing who scored more last season, in fewer games than Sako in his best season. No guarantee he would do it in the English Lg, but since Sako has scored 2 in 2 seasons no guarantee he could do it again either. Bringing players from overseas is a risk but they come in a lot cheaper and with lower wages. Do you think Jansson would be £3.5m now he's tested? Add loans and frees and I think we could easily challenge with a £20m spend if we recruit right.

23 Jun 2017 06:14:43
I agree gum and samo. Buy 6-8 cheaper players and you can afford a misfire or two. But 3-4 $4mill plus players and they all got to bear fruit. don't want brid this year let monk have him. And not realky wanting sacko or herna to be a starter. Think janson the obvious captain if he stays and can keep ego in!

23 Jun 2017 08:38:32
So what look at his overall record, ok he had a decent record last season but 1 season is no good to judge a player on. Bridcutt was our best cdm by far last season so if we get rid of him then we will need a good cdm and that's not klich, I agree with Hernandez shouldn't be a starter because he lacks effort imo. Sako is proven winger in this league n seems as we have Dallas and doukara who play in his position it's mad that we ain't even looking at him to join. We need to sell rubbish like Hernandez, Phillips, Dallas, antonsson and replace with much better players.

23 Jun 2017 09:05:00
Rubbish like Hernandez Phillips Dallas. ? Hernandez playing welll won us more games last season, Phillips is a good young prospect and will come good. Dallas when played ran his socks off and put effort in just final ball was lacking at times. But is a full international player who started at euros last season and is in the brink off World Cup qualifying with his country. So to say these guys are rubbish is a bit harsh. Also monk had them ( team ) playing defensive so I think you might see a different team and style from these 3 and team this season. In my opinion. MOT ONWARDS N UPWARDS. ⚽️⚽️👍🍺🍺 AND DOWN THE PINTS 🍺🍺

23 Jun 2017 09:19:12
Im not sure sacko is any more proven than douk or dallas. None of the really good enough.

23 Jun 2017 18:39:45
You keep your beer bottles on then, it's simple a team like Leeds should be in the premiership not struggling to get out of the championship, Hernandez is terrible, yes he got a few goals but he's a cam that's what he gets paid to do, and far to often last season he went missing. That was 1 of the biggest problems we had imo that lack of effort behind Chris wood. This samu saiz who we seem to be after is very similar which is disappointing. Phillips has effort definitely but he isn't great at defending or attacking so I'd rather sell and buy someone who is good at defending or attacking because Phillips is not niether. And as for dallas, he's just not going to get Leeds promoted, he will score 2 or 3 that's it, I didn't say our sacko I said sako from crystal palace is the type of proven player we need not the pathetic midfield we have at the minute. Where is our Tom cairney? I know he's well out of our price range but come on where is anyone similar to him in our team? That's what we need not Hernandez or samu saiz who will get you 5 to 10 goals a season if that.

24 Jun 2017 21:44:31
Dont really understand Saiz and I think Hernandez will be dropped if we play 433 this season Swad, also agree Philips isn't good enough right now but young enough to send out on loan, time to improve. don't see Dallas as a starter but like Douk his versatility makes him a good squad player, and we lacked depth last year.

Our mid is far from trash though, we played a certain way under Monk, with a 3 man of Bridcutt (or O'Kane) , Vieria and Klich we have a good balance of bite and forward movement (1 DM, 2 CM) .

I think your looking for us to bring in 20+ a goal player though, they cost stupid money, adding 2 or 3 goals in a couple of positions adds up quickly, is much more frugal and has the same outcome.

25 Jun 2017 20:07:53
Fair enough I actually agree with most of that. Just angry with the lack of goals from midfield last season it was pathetic imo. With the defence and gk and Chris wood we have some really good players but it's that midfield I have issues with, bridcutt I like but the rest just don't add up with the quality of the rest of the team. Phillips shouldn't be starting games if we are seriously trying to get promoted, ofc he's good to have as he's not the worst iv seen but he's not good enough right now. Viera is good but not good enough going forward. But the worst for me was Pablo Hernandez, as a cam you need far more assists from someone in that position.



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