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15 Jun 2017 17:26:19
Lot of people will be believing Monkey boy's version of events 🐵🐒 especially now we recruited an unknown 💩.

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15 Jun 2017 20:11:51
Honestly I think this appointment shows more ambition than boro appointing monk. Monk failed spectacularly in the championship last season, and has no tactical awareness, they will have seen that. i doubt monk could have got to europa league last 16 with us last season (who had a better squad that's nicocia did) . Rads isn't a fool, I think he'll come good.

15 Jun 2017 21:57:23
Curahee, not sure Monk 'failed spectacularly' and yes he frustated the carp out of me at times but I do agree that TC is a very different beast and has the foresight to change things up and adapt. I am now much happier that we have someone in situ who can at least start working with the squad and work them through pre season. Apparently he doesn't suffer fools either. It's going to be interesting 😉

15 Jun 2017 22:30:31
What would you call the last 10 games then peacock! Progress

15 Jun 2017 22:52:54
They will have seen that? Seen what? The best season in years! Some folk don't deserve a successful team as they are so blind that they can't see! Did i just say that? And how the do we know Rad isn't a total idiot? We have no idea what kind of Chairman/Owner he will become. didn't realise your expertise on the Hapoel squad either Curahee.

15 Jun 2017 23:10:21
We finished out side of the playoffs by a mile, so really we didn't do that much better! So because I feel that we should have done a hell of a lot better than we did given our position with ten games to go I don't deserve a successful team? Well clearly you do cork, so maybe you should think about packing up the white shirt and swapping it for one a boro one? I have no expertise, clearly, but I don't think they have many chris woods, rob greens, Charlie Taylor's or Pontus janssons, so I'm guessing player for player were probably better, but as always I must bow down to your superior bull squirt and pompous head stuck up a certain place opinion of others! He may turn out to be a bad chairman for us, doesn't mean he's a idiot. You don't sell a company for a billion quid for having to much space between the ears!

16 Jun 2017 01:37:11
Don't always agree with you cura but you've hit nail on the head there mate. I'll never understand why a Leeds fan an isn't positive, he's been appointed for a reason, until you can afford to go to rads and buy the club, if you have nothing positive to say shut your mouth. But no completely agree with you cura, time will tell and this bloke does not take shit, word on the street anyway

16 Jun 2017 06:30:30
Martyn- I would call the last ten games, er, 'Football in the championship'. Yes I think we should have done better but how many players changed in the last 20 games? - same squad - I am not denying that Monk made mistakes, I never said he was perfect! I just don't think his overall tenure was a spectacular failure. He has gone and it's time to look forward. MOT

16 Jun 2017 07:35:58
As a fan I am glad we finally have made a management appointment as like many others was getting shit frustrated. Time will tell if TC is any good, but let's at least get behind him now. At least he has played the game at a good level and seems to have cut his managerial teeth in a good way. AR needs to now back him up with getting the playing squad together and settled. Let's pull out the stops AR and show some intent by bringing Bartley back and put one over on Monk, prove his words on ambition wrong. Whatever happens, Iam optimistic for the new season. mot

16 Jun 2017 09:54:50
Never heard of the new guy, don't claim to know much about him either but the over riding feeling when I saw him named was 'WTF! ? ! Whose he? ' Lol, just like many others. So I did as 99.9% of Leeds fans and Googled the guy and I can now say after it's all died down, I'm full of optimism and excitement.

Sure it's not a name we know, but where has that gotten most teams anyway. If come next May, we're 1st then it won't be us saying "who is this Thomas Christiansen" it'll be the rest of the league's saying "We need someone like a Thomas Christiansen" just like everyone's done with Carvalho or Wagner. We can't get our head around it here as we're old fashioned but on the continent this is a regular occurrence.

Can you imagine if Porto had said "Nah, don't want that Mourinho fella, he wasn't even a decent footballer" He's far from a Hockaday and to say that is massively unfair on TC (Why do I feel if he's successful there will be Top Cat references) . He's been far more successful and has more experience than Hockaday. He's been headhunted for a reason, makes me laugh at how people say its the cheap option when Radrizzani 1st choices were Wagner and Stam, who would've wanted a decent wage and compensation would have been due. I prepared to give this guy a good shot at it, atleast 1 season. I didn't even want Monk this time last year, I wanted Evans to stay and look how that worked out. MOT!

16 Jun 2017 14:08:58
Peacock. Forgive me mate but. A manager is judged by his most recent results. Monk. Failed in his last 10 matches. Good riddance.

16 Jun 2017 19:50:19
Top and bottom is we finished safe because we got exactly the same reward for as them that finished 15th and 16th. Another yr in the championship. We had 6th in our pocket and blew it. Yes the players play and managers manage but as a manager the buck stops there.

19 Jun 2017 00:16:16
Sorry but i don't agree monk did a very good job . Why the fell off the wagon I couldn't say . Yes monk made couple poor line ups at times . but what he did with that Leeds side with little money saw top draw . The only reason Leeds didn't make the playoffs was the manager and players bottled it couldn't handle the pressure. The decisions made by played Phillips hand ball against Brighton takes us down to 10 men and a go down . If he let's it go in stays on the pitch the outcome could of been different. My only fault with monk was too defensive at times and picked wrong players in big games



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