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28 May 2017 08:26:13
Allegedly Monk resigned because he was being kept in the dark over transfer decisions and appointments of board members.

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28 May 2017 09:13:51
Boo hoo. Poor man!

28 May 2017 09:15:55
Monk deserved darkness because his Plan B never came to light.

28 May 2017 09:59:48
Had he been the manager then I would agree with him, but as head coach then he would be just that and therefore not privy to that info.

28 May 2017 10:11:24
Haha true Leeds fans turn against the manager who has been our best manager in ages just because he wanted to progress at another club. Pathetic.

28 May 2017 12:19:54
Not at all swad. He got a good position finish in table. Mainly due to good defense and being boring. Not our best manager for years! Just average. Better to come.

28 May 2017 14:28:49
More luck than his skills as a coach

28 May 2017 14:50:02
He's been our best manager since we dropped out of the premiership. I wouldn't say he was boring I'd say he needed to be more defensive if anything like holding out for points instead of attacking whilst we were winning. There is no manager that will come to Leeds that is much better than monk. People wanting Claudio to be our manager are judging him on a 1 season wonder.

28 May 2017 15:15:59
Grayson did a better job than him, 7th without spending a penny and a bad defence. Also Blackwell got us to Cardiff, Monk couldn't even get top 6 despite being in it since November.

28 May 2017 15:43:53
Swad, so in your opinion, we will never achieve promotion?

28 May 2017 15:59:08
Ranierri hardly a 1 season wonder Swadlad, 2 Serie B promotions, 1 Ligue 2 promotion, a Coppa Italia, a Super coppa Italiana, a Copa del Ray, Uefa super cup and a Prem title that's on top of finishing 2nd in the prem with Chelsea and a run to the Champions league last 4, a 3rd and a 2nd place with Juve and a 2nd place with Monaco (he brought Juve and Monaco up the season before for both of those too) . that's a lot of 2nd places I'll admit but I would take 2nd next season plus he has a good record of teams he takes up staying up.

28 May 2017 16:24:19
I don't think by buying players like hadi sacko that we will get anywhere no. Look at the teams that have got promoted, Matt Ritchie set goals up and scored alot, we have no one in the midfield who is anywhere near that quality and you can ask any Newcastle fan and they will tell you Newcastle haven't even been great this season but with players like Ritchie your club can go along way. Same with Tom cairney at Fulham. Look how Leeds crumbled at the end of the season it was embarrassing, I wouldn't say our defence was that good tbh just better than we have had in a long time. Hernandez is not good enough, sacko runs n does pointless skill then can't cross, it's really embarrassing when doukara who is a striker turns out to be one of the best in midfield last season, not because he's got skill but he does his job well n has effort.

28 May 2017 16:29:24
Sorry but the teams ranierri had were top top teams with top players, a real manager is someone who can create wins from average teams. If you put monk as a manager at Manchester united they wouldn't be much worse than they are now because the players do 80% imo.

28 May 2017 16:41:02
You see a club like Leeds united should not be in the championship, monk showed progress which has been along time coming so for people to now turn on him because he wants another challenge is typical of what a lot of Leeds fans do, can't just be happy about how well he did in 1 season n move on and wish him well. I don't believe any good manager will join Leeds not because they ain't big enough but because that manager could go and join a team like Fulham or reading and not get promoted and still keep his job but if you join Leeds united and don't get promoted then your name gets slandered even if you finish 7th from 15th the season before.

28 May 2017 16:59:15
Monk isn't as good as he thinks he is. No PL clubs will be in for him and he had no answer to turn our collapse around. Think he will regret quitting.

28 May 2017 19:03:14
Why would he regret quitting for? He might not get a premiership team after him but he will get another team in the championship. Aslong as he's getting a good pay n a good contract like every other manager in the league he won't care who he's a manager of.

28 May 2017 19:44:02
He had a good job here which just needed a little more added, but has decided Boro with more expectancy for promotion or Sunderland, who are in a mess, are a better bet for promotion. He could've built a legacy here, but left for what I see as short term appointments. He will always be known as a quitter and a bottler, but could have gone down as a Leeds legend. He'll never be revered as much as Grayson.

28 May 2017 20:18:11
Come on, Sunderland and boro will come down with money to spend which is needed to get back up. We spend 3 mill on Chris wood and think we can compete for promotion. Sunderland n boro will spend atleast 10 to 15 mill on players and add to there teams who are already better than leeds as it is.

Leaving Leeds to manage boro is definitely not bottling it lol leaving Leeds for someone with no expectation like wolves or Ipswich is bottling it. Unless Leeds spend around 6 to 10 mill on better players then we will not get promoted simple as that. Hadi sacko showed potential but what use is that when we want to get promoted asap?

Only players in the team who are good enough to get Leeds in the top 2 I'd say we have 5 good enough players the rest are not going to get Leeds in the premiership sorry but it's true.

28 May 2017 21:20:37
Read Sunderland fans' tweets, they're skint and they are used to losing. Their only two decent players are off. We're on the up, if you can't see that then more fool you. Why does spending money guarantee promotion? Derby, Wendies, Villa, Norwich have spent enormous amounts.

28 May 2017 21:25:49
He's a bottler as he bottled promotion and then quit looking for an "easier" job rather than coming back and making up for it. Could you imagine The Don, Fergie, Clough, Bobby Robson having that kind of mentality? Karanka gets slated for walking out on Boro, yet when he came back he led them to promotion.

28 May 2017 22:41:09
How are Leeds on the up? Based on what? Sunderland will spend more money than Leeds you must know that look at our history we don't spend much atall. Money doesn't garrantee promotion but if you look at Brighton's and Newcastle's teams your see they have way more quality than Leeds have all over the pitch. So managing boro is a easier job for monk than staying at Leeds?

Boro will be expecting to go straight back up at the first attempt so don't see that as a easier job atall. Leeds will hire some average cheap manager n expect miracles from him like they always do. Would love to be wrong but to lose monk to boro or where ever he goes is not a good sign. To have 1 year and go from 15th to 7th says he's a good manager who has spent very little in getting us that far up, he's got his faults but you would expect that from a inexperienced manager.

Karanka would be the worst manager for Leeds because he tends to spend money and Leeds don't have any or won't spend any.

28 May 2017 22:45:42
When did Gary monk say the aim was to get promoted in his first season anyway? So hows he bottled it when it wasn't ever said from him that it was the aim to go up in his 1 season lol

28 May 2017 22:54:51
How can you talk about short term appointments when Leeds are a laughing stock for sacking managers all the time. I guarantee if he joined boro he would be given more time than at leeds. No manager now cares about legacy, it's all about how long there contract is and how much money they get.

How many of them managers you have listed would stay at there clubs if they weren't playing top level football? Can't see Alex Ferguson managing Manchester if they were in the championship can you really lol.

28 May 2017 23:58:49
Well Don and Clough both took teams from division 2 to become Champions of England, Ferguson managed in Scottish football for ages and built a legacy at Aberdeen. Monk quit, he wasn't sacked, and it was Cellino with the rep for sacking managers, who's no longer here.

Keep thinking Sunderland will spend millions, as their fans think otherwise. Leeds are on the up, compared to Sunderland, who are in a mess, and Middlesbrough who will lose key players and need to sign new ones. Leeds are looking stronger financially, crowds are up, better players etc. but we're not on the up and Sunderland are? Ok.

29 May 2017 00:02:36
If Monk isn't in the top 6 at Boro in Nov he will be gone, as for Sunderland, they will be closer to the bottom than top and are on a hiding to nothing. I remember I said the same about Villa last season, but was shot down as they'd "definitely be top 6".

29 May 2017 00:07:49
You keep saying Monk had nothing to spend, yet £3m on Roofe, £3.5m on Jansson, Barrow £20k a week, Hernandez ex Valencia, Green ex England. Grayson spent £0 and finished in the same position you laud Monk over, but ignore Grayson's achievements.

29 May 2017 11:49:48
Swad. What game did we throw points away by attacking. I must have missed that one. My opinion is we are owned by a new man and he has his own way. I don't think he will be sacking anyone before christmas and i reckon he will spend $15m on new players. And i think the new manager will have a better pedigree than both monk and nose bleed larry. And i reckon both midd and sunderland will struggle next season. Fulham will be a threat mind.

29 May 2017 11:51:10
So you seriously think if monk had stayed at Leeds instead of moving to boro he would have been given more time? Look at the amount of fans that were already saying he wernt good enough lol Grayson wasn't very good atall, he was given time n his tactics were being knocked by loads of fans, if he was the man to get us back to the premiership then he would have done better with preston.

You can't compare Alex Ferguson or any of the others to monk for 1 big reason and that's all them managers have always had far more money to spend on players than monk had. Why would boro lose key players for? And even if they did they will get a lot of money for them.

Sunderland are not in as strong position as boro ok but they have players worth quite abit. I'm amazed you think Leeds are on the up when if they were monk would have stayed, I have no problem with how Leeds are as they don't spend much n so you can't expect them to seriously challenge at the top when other teams will spend whilst we buy players with potential lol everyone seems to love ronaldo viera but it was that position that we were awful in last season, he's good for his age but if you pair him up with Kelvin Phillips then your asking for trouble because they have very little experience and as they proved last season they ain't good enough together to stand a serious chance of promotion. Look at how they crumbled at the end of the season, does that not tell you something?

29 May 2017 12:44:13
We need atleast 10 mill spent n as a Leeds fan I can't see it happening, if they are going to spend 2 mill on sacko n extend Hernandez's contract when he's done very little since signing with Leeds then to me it shows a lack of ambition. The amount of goals your get from them both is laughable, look at Fulham they have players scoring from all over there team we just have Chris wood with over 50% of our goals that is not good enough to get promoted. Surely Leeds could have brought someone better in than Hernandez. Wide players are pointless because sacko can't cross, Dallas ain't good enough, Phillips I have no idea how he plays as often, good gk, good defence but will need a very good cb now Barkley has gone so I guess for a good 1 that will cost around 3 mill, the whole midfield needs changing badly the players we have now in midfield can't defend or attack. I like bridcutt but the rest are useless. Doukara a striker shows the midfield up when he plays in midfield because he has far more effort than many of them.

29 May 2017 13:18:18
Hernandez is a class above our midfielders, unless you think having 4 headless chickens running around will improve us. Hernandez was top 5 creators last season in the league and he was injured for 2 months and held back by Monk's 9-0-1 formation after Derby. We threw away 4 points against Wigan and Fulham trying to hold on to 1-0 wins, rather than go for the kill. When did we drop points trying to win games? Grayson had us seventh, after Bates sold Gradel and Howson, yet is a failure and Monk isn't despite having no key players leave lol. Gibson, Negredo, Ayala and Ramirez all want to leave Boro, so yes they will lose key players. I compared him to Ferguson, as he built a legacy, whereas Monk quits because it's "hard" and he won't have £100m to spend. Oh no. Can't be that good as he thinks then.

29 May 2017 13:20:54
Hernandez was second top scorer and top assister. How many did the raved over Phillips, Vieira and Roofe get? I've said we need Charlie Adam and I'd like Lewis Baker on loan too. Midfield was the weak link.

30 May 2017 13:52:28
Hernandez was useless after his loan was turned into a contract with Leeds, you say he was second highest scorer and top assister like that proves he's good lol 1 he's a cam so should be getting the most assists and 2 he lacks goals for someone who plays that far forward. Look at tom cairney at Fulham he scores constantly and yet he plays further back as a central midfielder. Even if them 4 players want to leave boro all 4 will cost abit so they will get decent money back to spend. Monk quits because it's hard? How would it have been any harder than managing boro? Did he say he's left because it was to hard no I don't think he did, you like many Leeds fans can't accept the fact he wants to progress his career at another club. It's funny because just before he quit everyone was calling for him to stay and now you know he don't want to be at Leeds you all slag him of lol it's funny how you say he could have built a legacy at Leeds lol there is no manager in the championship who cares about legacy. Wake up it's all about money and contract length. Also monk is wanted by crystal palace so if he was this negative manager that you say then I don't think they would be slightly interested would they, neither would boro or Sunderland. Monk got us from 15th and dire to 7th. Grayson got us where?

30 May 2017 14:10:07
Grayson took us from League 1 to 7th without spending a penny. I'd say that's a much better achievement then Monk. Now the hysteria has died down, a lot of Boro, Sunderland and Palace fans have seen his flaws and don't want him. To not make top 6 when you were in it for 5 months doesn't look good on your cv.

30 May 2017 14:30:30
What are you talking about, crystal palace want him now. How many years has grayson been a manager? Monk has had 2 years and he's wanted in the premiership n teams that will be challenging for promotion in the championship next season. Monk has proved he's good in the premiership when he was Swansea manager n kept them up. Grayson's best finish is 7th in the championship after how many years of management?



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