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07 Sep 2017 07:31:17
Long time reader but first time poster. I've been watching this season closely and I really think the club is in a great position to challenge for promotion. If somebody has asked me at the end of last season what needed to happen this summer for us to achieve promotion I would have said, keep chris wood, charlie taylor and Monk, sign bartley and jansson, and sign 1 or 2 more creative players to give our attack a different dimension. I find it difficult to deny that Wood, Bartley and Taylor wouldn't make our team stronger and I would disagree with anyone who thinks otherwise but the money we received and the recruitment done this summer has been fantastic. The obvious standout signings are Alioski and Saiz but I have to say that Anita has looked a great piece of business and he is already a big player for us. I've watched most of the games so far this summer and can't really fault how we've played, we looked lacking in ideas against Preston but that could be put down to their defensive organisation more than anything, they really shut us down. Forest are a very good side but watching that game the defence looked somewhat comfortable and our counter attacking play was great to watch. I think we could struggle against teams like preston who sit deep and defend in numbers because they are really hard to break down, albeit we now have varied options in attack so we might be a bit less one dimensional than we were last season and the first few games of this one. I would also say that TC doesn't really fill me with confidence, maybe just because I hadn't heard of him but you can't argue with results so he clearly knows what he's doing and I'm more than happy to get behind him. Victor Orta was the same but again his recruitment has been great so I can't really argue. All in all, I think we're in for a great season and even if not this season we are definitely on our way back to the premier league. Interested to see if anyone disagrees, this is just my opinion and I'm always interested in others thoughts. Let's get behind the team and see how far they can go.

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07 Sep 2017 08:53:58
Good analysis Southern. I was at the Preston game and it was a bit like a chess game. They were frustrating us, we were trying to work it out but struggling until the sending off and then after that had chances but just needed a bit of luck. It was though the attacking threat that their number 4 I think struggled with all game and ultimately got him sent off and I can see that happening again this year. Also in the early games, I was watching Alioski closely and many times he was in space and wanting the ball but we were playing out of the Centre through the other flank with Roofe. As Alioski has become more integrated into the team he has struck up a good relationship with Saiz and we are playing it all over the pitch more, particularly since Woods departure. But I agree with you, we need to find a formula for the home games that works like our away style. Really looking forward to Saturday and how we cope with both Burton and the growing expectation. Finally agree that TC was unknown, but increasingly looks like a great decision. He seems to have a good footballing brain, ability to think and respond during games, change tactics and squad pre games. Bring on Burton!

07 Sep 2017 09:11:17
I'm really not sure that's Wood would make outback ram stronger, you could see against Preston and Fulham that he didn't fit into the free flowing a attackig football we are playing this season, he missed a couple of very very good chance she against Fulham especially including a one on one with the keeper that he tried to lob and messed it up completely. Don't get me wrong Wood was great last season we wouldn't have been anywhere near without his goals and I thank him for that but it was the right time to move on last season I believe wasn't the best we would see of him goal tally wise. Taylor hmm yes good player would be in the team most weeks but again I love berardi and as you say Anita has done a great job aswell. Bartley I think all would have loved to have seen him back this season with the captains armband but saying that pennington looks a good solid player and cooper is having a great start to the season so I'm happy. Monk can go whistle because yes TC appointment didn't get me thinking the best burn after seeing what he has done to the team and the style of play I can say he fills me with a lot of confidence.

07 Sep 2017 09:39:13
Welcome southern. Think we are all excited about this season which is a bit of a worry. All agreeing on something is rare. Lol. However. I think wood had his best season with us and would have hindered us this year so we got a good buck for him. Monk unbeknown to us hid he suffered from grayson syndrome until it was too late. Monk was def one of them. When the going gets tough, i lose it type of guys. Glad both have gone. Taylor and bartley i would have kept if poss even with taylors last game dummy spit.

07 Sep 2017 09:58:26
I agree that we'll be fine without Wood and am really happy with the signings we've made to replace him and I think we look stronger now. I'm by no means looking backwards but I still rate him as a player and think he'll do well in the premier league. An ideal situation would have been to keep Wood and use him when the game suited his style and not sign lasogga for example, but wood would have been expecting to start and that's something we couldn't guarentee if we wanted to have several approaches. Tbh I think Grot could be a similar player to him from what we've seen so far just a lot more raw and won't be expecting to start every game, good hold up play and nice touches, time will tell. He is an absolute unit though and defenders won't like playing against him when they get tired, the ideal impact sub this season I think.

08 Sep 2017 13:51:12
welcome Southern - i think we have more Southerners than Northerners on here now but were all Leeds aren't we.

08 Sep 2017 19:25:35
Welcome Southern, and you get the award for the longest post in history. You've certainly made up for your lack of contributions in one go 😂 Good post old boy. To be honest I only read the first bit. Only jesting though bro, looking forward to hearing more from you. DTP UTW MM

09 Sep 2017 06:45:34
More like an article than a post ;) some good points though mate



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