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26 Aug 2017 03:50:39
Has anyone on here read the EFL pullout page 6/7? The comments made are from two ex footballers Viv Anderson and McQueen and the comment that peed me off the most was from Gordon McQueen! Firstly he reminds us all of why he us for Man Utd saying 90% of players say they want to play for them and the other 10% are lying! He then says we have been left behind by the teams in The Premiership and maybe it's been to long for us to ever return there! All that is blah blah blah to me as these people only ever come out of the woodwork when we are worth talking about! But the comment that got me very very wound up was his comments about MC and in his words "Leeds have had to many years of disruption and particularly those under ex owner MC! In 3 controversial seasons and employed 7 managers"! Why do papers let idiot comments like that stand? No mention of how Bates nearly ruined us again after being ruined by Ridsdale, nothing about how he got us back on even ground or the fact of why he is the reason we are on the way back again! Every time we get a sign that things are going well some idiot comes along and tries to spoil it, so my next words are swear words so I will leave it at that! MOT 👍

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26 Aug 2017 06:02:02
MW67 You taking the article too seriously and the wrong way. They're haters. It's good to have haters. Sign doing something right and making others envious. This season we should just do our talking on the pitch and not get embroiled in has been punditry. I guarantee you once we're back in the PL these same persons will collect cheques from journos saying it's great to have Leeds back, we've been missed and they all knew we'd be back soon! Such journalism makes me smile 😁 MOT

26 Aug 2017 07:46:54
Quite right George - just ignore them Mike their job is to spout male cow poo and sell papers.

26 Aug 2017 07:57:39
Tossers. The lot of them

26 Aug 2017 08:28:10
All that matters is that we know that MC (whilst slightly whacky at times) had a good head for business and balanced the books. We are in the position we are today because he applied austere measures and chopped the excess fat. Had we not been in such a poor financial state I am sure he would have bought back ER as promised but the fact was that things were a lot worse than many realised. I for one will always be great full. Many forget that when he arrived we couldn't even pay the wages of staff and players etc and he paid them ahead of his take over!

26 Aug 2017 11:15:17
McQueen another sour ex player. George is right when we get back in Premiership he will be on about the days he played for the great Leeds United

26 Aug 2017 12:17:24
And that's why I post on here, you guys give it a different perspective and all of you in your own words are right, I just think it got to me because it was so unfair on Leeds supporters and on MC. I did say in my post that they all come out of the woodwork when we are doing well! It's ok to slate if you have a pop at everyone's problems but no it's always easier for them to do it to Leeds United. It would do Corkwhite good to read it then he might see it's not always the supporters who slag off players! Cheers fellas, 3rd place beckons! MOT

26 Aug 2017 14:45:47
Lived round corner from Mancqueen and Jordan in Roundhay in 77/78 they took some right abuse when it came out they were going to manchester
Man queen never forgot it he hates us
To be fair to Jordan he stills bigs us up loved Revie for giving him his chance



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