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25 Aug 2017 16:05:59
A mate of mine said LUFC fans are the hardest to please. He has a point. Monk and Chris Wood generally are getting slated. Same as Byram and Taylor before them. All the aforementioned tried their best for us but left for different reasons. Them grapes have always been sour in Yorkshire. I probably will get stick for that but its true.

Alan Smith, Batty, Mcallister. Even John Lukic got a hard time when he left! I remember after Cantona left chatting to a guy who actually said he was glad Cantona had gone because he wasn't a team player! Back to them grapes again!

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25 Aug 2017 16:30:04
Good point Corkwhite but we are not the only supporters who do that, look at Rooney, loved at Everton then moves to Man Utd, kisses the badge, then death threats, absolute haterd for him, then he returns he is loved again! the return of the messiah! Then sometimes when a player who gets paid a lot of money to play doesn't want to wear the shirt a couple of hours prior to kick off even though he's under contract I think deserves it because fans will turn up away from home costing a lot in their weekly budget, but they don't say I can't be bothered as Newcastle have made me an offer to support them! Fans everywhere are fickle mate, two blokes who support two different teams can work together all week and be mates but when kick off comes but for the next day or two they are slagging each other off! It's football mate, blame our fathers, grandfathers whatever but it's what's expected! Imagine going to work and saying Oh we sold Wood to Burnley yesterday, but I'm not taking his picture off my lap top as he is a wonderful person and I'm thinking now i'd rather support the Dingles! It would never happen! Wood is Knob for not for what he did but the way he did it! MOT

25 Aug 2017 16:30:48
It's probably true cork, but it's because we care the most probably. The people you mentioned, apart from batty all believed their own hype and none are as good as they actually think they are (apart from cantona) . Players who work hard but just move on as is life don't tend to get stick really, they get a thank you and a good welcome back.

25 Aug 2017 17:32:27
Gary speed is a prime example of leaving a club the right way, a true professional legend in every way who has many many fans around the world! MOT

25 Aug 2017 18:01:35
Got no issues with Byram and I wish him well. But Taylor and Wood both refused to play for us and Monk walked out for more money, so can't wish them well sorry.

25 Aug 2017 18:32:48
The grapes are fine in Yorkshire, Corky. Especially them red seedless ones. Reason we give certain ex-players flack is because of the manner which they leave and we can't abide hypocrisy. Take McAllister. Just a couple days before he left he said he was looking forward to playing alongside new signing Lee Bowyer then he was gone. Cork, it's called disloyalty and lies. Yorkshire folk don't like that. I think Wood's departure is more banter at having sold a lump for 15m. Personally I wish Wood well but can't see him being much better than a 1 in 5 striker at Burnley and that's kinda funny to me. As for Monk, no-one has liked snakes since the Garden of Hazard so don't know what you mean Cork! I think it's just you Cork, your love for Monk and previously Rosler. They're both useless bags of anagram of hits. Over and out. George

25 Aug 2017 21:49:23
It was the Dukes of Hazard and the Garden of Eden I think.

25 Aug 2017 21:49:57
Nearly typed the Dykes of Hazard then - that was a completely different show!

25 Aug 2017 22:36:18
McAllister is probably as good as they come an outstanding player

26 Aug 2017 01:31:29
Wex, he was my favourite and a very nice guy. Had he stayed, I think we would've won trophies in that 1998 to 2002 period.

26 Aug 2017 07:50:03
McAllister was class. Went on to win things with Liverpool as well it was a mistake letting him go imo. Would have been a decent manager for us if we had him above League 1 level but his approach was wrong for that league.

26 Aug 2017 11:27:12
Good luck to all ex Leeds lads. Common now for players not to play if transfer imminent. what's point of him breaking a leg then everyone loses. Taylor was badly advised, but then again some opposing full back might have got jealous and given him a few kicks. All players leave for a reason, usually money now and all we can ask is they do their best when they are with us. Not many one club players left sorry to say.

26 Aug 2017 11:29:28
Monk a different matter, total snake, ruined our end of season. Think he knew he was going at christmas



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