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19 Aug 2017 10:48:41
The more i think about it the more Curahee makes sense with regard to players contracts! Why sign a contract if you are not going to honour it, for instance we took a risk as we do with all players when we sign them and with success they get rewarded but how does the club get rewarded by the player when he wants to leave! Curahee makes a valid point in why do we bother giving them a contract when it's not going to be honoured, ok we make a great profit but £12M to £15M is peanuts compared to what we would make by securing promotion with the players goals contributing to our success. Where was Burnleys offer for Wood when he was sat on the bench at Leicester? Nowhere to be seen and where would Chris Wood be now if we hadn't signed him? Wood said in interview on signing for Leeds "when Leeds came in for me it was an easy decision, there is no way you turn a massive club like Leeds down, together we can achieve The Premier League! Where was he heard saying, once I've got up to a good standard and scored 30 goals in one season I'm off to an even bigger club in Burnley! So you can see why some fans say put him in the reserves. It's really hard for supporters to accept because unlike players we as fans don't sign a contract and then half way through the season we say that's it your not good enough I'm off to support Burnley! We stay no matter what we will always be back the weekend after, and we are not on £stupid money per week! Well we are on stupid money but the low kind of stupid money! There is far to much player power now and maybe it's time somebody came up with an idea to stop it, maybe if a player wants to leave, then they and their new club should give their wages earnt, back as well as a fee! Daft idea I know but I'm with Curahee on this, it's not right! MOT

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19 Aug 2017 11:02:09
Thanks mike. To put it on everyday terms, You sign a contract for a mobile phone for a certain length and price, a rival firm offers you a better deal whilst still in contract. you can like it, but you wouldn't be able to get out of the original contract until it's up, unless the firm agrees to let you go. It's the gamble you take when you take a contract out. Around the corner there's always a better offer, but you sign for a duration

19 Aug 2017 11:09:21
I don't think you'd ever be able to keep a player that wants to leave, I remember holloways comments on Rooney when he left Everton, he was bang on but there's nothing you can do. As regards to why sign a contract, it's good for the club because it demands more in the transfer market if someone wants a player who's on a 3 year contract as opposed to if they only had 12 months left.

19 Aug 2017 11:16:30
Your right contracts mean very little these days they just guarantee the club a transfer fee for the player. Cura i think if your new phone company told your old phone company they would pay 15 mill to let you go they would.

19 Aug 2017 11:19:23
At the end of the day the contracts the players not the clubs, however I do agree to an extent.

19 Aug 2017 11:22:55
Exactly right mate, it is as simple as like a mobile phone contract but unlike the very early years of football the footballers of today are so far distanced from the hard working footie fan that a lot of them can't spell loyalty never mind knowing what it means. MOT

19 Aug 2017 11:26:33
But bige I could bitch and whine to the company all I want but really I couldn't do anything until my time was up with them. There's really no point in them then for footballers

19 Aug 2017 11:35:15
Wood seems to want to go if you believe the media, Woody has had his head turned. Because of this we won't get best out of him now. Best sell him and it's hoping the club have had fair warning this might happen and have potential decent better replacements on their radar. 12 - 15 million isn't a bad bit of business.

19 Aug 2017 11:49:07
He will go of course. But you make a good point. We would have to pay out his contract if we weren't happy with him, so there should be a penalty clause when a player wants to leave halfway through. It's all loaded in favour of the player

{Ed001's Note - that is in essence what a transfer fee is mate. A player could also choose to buyout his contract, under the right circumstances.}

19 Aug 2017 11:56:33
Curahee makes some solid points and like you mate it winds me up and I think It does this because if he was leaving to go to one of the top eight teams in The Premiership then you can except it as it's going to take a few years for us to get to that stage, but to say it's a dream move to go to Burnley then that for me leaves a bad taste and how ironic it would be if we swapped places with them or indeed we didn't and they got relegated anyway! Would it still be a dream move for him? I think not! Charlie Taylor and Chris Wood might see things differently then eh and maybe you can't blame them if they want more money but it still doesn't make it right!

19 Aug 2017 12:02:48
I get he doesn't want to play

19 Aug 2017 12:10:10
IB I know he has, but I'm not really talking solely about wood, it's all players who do this. That's how they have clubs over a barrel. If the club doesn't sell they have a player who doesn't perform like they did and may cause issues, meaning the club Loose money in the future, if they do sell even if they don't want to (like we have to) they loose a key player. Players know this and do what the hell they like
Therefore there really instant much of a point of contracts, surely the fairest way to do it is yearly contracts and either tribunal all transfers (wholey impractical) or do something similar to us sports with drafting, trading etc.

19 Aug 2017 12:31:11
Obviously right Cura and i think if a player puts in transfer request he should pay up his existing contract. Trouble is very few do so i think the buying club should be fined as it is just tapping players up. If a player is not out of contract and not up for sale they should not approach him. Ask his club and if they say no that should be it, but it never is.

19 Aug 2017 12:53:41
I think something needs to be done bige. what you suggested makes perfect sense. Have to say at least our valuation of the player was met, i really feel for Chelseas and dortmunds situation at the moment. I know we aren't meant to like Chelsea, and people will disagree with me purely because it's them I mentioned, but costa! really? A prime example of what I'm talking about!

19 Aug 2017 13:15:37
A contract gives BOTH PARTIES rights its really simple to understand

19 Aug 2017 13:30:52
A footballers contract of employment is different to most contracts of employment, for instance, if I was to be offered a job with more money, better conditions etc I only have to put in my notice whereas in football the player has to have his contract bought out.

19 Aug 2017 13:33:42
Then please wex in the context of this thread please explain to us how a contract protects the club?

19 Aug 2017 13:42:02
I know al I got that, but our point is not that they are different contracts, it's that players have clubs right where they want them. so therefore they're not really worth having. A player therefore cannot argue if during his contract the club does not wish to sell them. I think bige has it right with his suggestion.

19 Aug 2017 13:43:03
Wex think we all understand what a contract is the club has the right not to sell then keep a player for two years who is not going to be arsed not renew his contract then go for free. Clubs know a player is simply an asset these days. Best to get the most they can for them. If a player gets a better offer elsewhere he will eventually go. They could simply put in a transfer request at which point his club claim compensation for his existing contract, but very few of them put that request in because they have the leverage to force a move.

19 Aug 2017 14:43:34
Burnley shouldn't have bothered paying the 15 million so just waited a few months and got him for nothing why are the people that run these multi million pound companies so dumb

19 Aug 2017 14:51:44
Not saying that wex! again you've missed the point! you miss that much at the moment with this idea, are you Paul rabhuka in disguise?

19 Aug 2017 15:02:31
It's not me that's not getting the point. Maybe your autocorrect is working to quickly again

19 Aug 2017 15:46:36
Well you are missing it because your talking about Leeds and Chris wood and free transfers!

19 Aug 2017 21:16:53
You would swear player transfers between clubs was a new phenomenon. don't really get this thread. Have every club not bought a player under contract at another club, sometimes more than one a season? i'm pretty sure it has been going on for a few years now.



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