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16 Aug 2017 08:11:51
Mikewoody, I think you're right about our Spuds "fan". I remember a certain Garry Monk fanboy used lol regularly as well and has mysteriously disappeared from the site. The same poster also called Leeds "you" and "deluded", but never used "us". Hmmm.

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16 Aug 2017 09:26:47
Haha it is me, glad I'm on your mind kid, couldn't win a weakened Fulham lastnight I see lol what a complete failure of a club. Your not getting out of your terrible league any time soon lol another pointless season is ahead for you silly fans lol.

16 Aug 2017 10:43:38
If you are going to post on this site, at least do so in grammatically correct English. Your insult should read, "couldn't win against a weakened Fulham side last night". Please note the omitted word and the fact that last night is two words, not one. The next sentence is also gibberish but I do not have enough time to mark all your scribbling. I suppose that as a four year old you have not yet learned either how to spell or construct an intelligible sentence.

16 Aug 2017 10:56:18
Surely 8800 your time would be be better spent doing your job search, don't want you getting sanctioned by the DWP. But judging by your posts I do you a disservice and you still have a few weeks left of your school holidays.

16 Aug 2017 12:42:31
Oh no, the thrush has mutated into another form, regular yogurt doesn't seem to be working. I'll have to try to apply chilli pepper cream

16 Aug 2017 12:46:52
Lufc8800, I love your grammar - You come across like a complete window licker. I'm guessing you can't wait to get back to school so you can walk around the play ground like a carpet carrier telling all of the other kids how you 'owned' the Leeds fans. Personally I think your time would be best spent in the lunch time Jolly Phonics Club, then you can come back on here in a few months time and show us all how grown up you are haha. C-A-T spells cat, L-O-L spells lol. MM

16 Aug 2017 13:32:55
A job search? I wouldn't employ anyone whose English was that poor. Can you imagine the state of his/her CV? It would go straight in the bin. Better to spend some time learning how to construct a sentence and looking for some English 101 courses. At the very least it will help you fill in that McDonald's application form 1988.

16 Aug 2017 14:52:41
Wrong site lucas!

16 Aug 2017 17:59:46
Is 1880 giving thumbs up for his own posts, how sad.

16 Aug 2017 20:11:07
LOL Aussie 😂



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