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15 Aug 2017 11:32:11
Message for Leeds1988. I'm presuming your a Spurs fan, based on comments on this site? So, what's your opinion on the Danny Rose saga? Are you more than slightly embarrassed by his comments about wanting to be a player who people remember and don't have to Google? Are you equally embarrassed that he went on to say that he wanted to play for a team that actually won something? Or, are you just embarrassed because you sit alone at night in your flee pit whilst trolling on this site in the hope of getting a rise? The only rise you'll get sun shine is when you're sniffing your sister's knickers. Now move along kid and get yourself a bit of an education. You might end being qualified to drive the van and not just be the person who puts things in the van. Anyway, well said Danny Rose. All Leeds aren't we? MM

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15 Aug 2017 11:49:13
Haha mad Mick you have just proves my point you deluded Leeds fans are easy to get a rise from lol n how can I be embarrassed about what rose said? He said he wants better players to join which is what every player would want from every team you doughnut lol it's so funny a Leeds fan would say that whilst you have unknown rubbish from all over the world lol samu saiz, alioski, ekuban lol I'm surprised you can even find them on Google lol. Absolutely loving the fact you think your in a position to slag Tottenham of lol think it will be quite a few years till your back in the premiership never mind in the top half lol selling wood haha that's like taking a rope and hanging your club lol clueless idiots.

15 Aug 2017 12:40:17
Ffs it's like someone has thrown a tin of Alphabetti Spaghetti all over the screen. It's hard to make sense of your drivel kid. Look at the facts boy. Me and the rest of the regulars on this site, have a shared interest in Leeds United and post accordingly. You, spend your pointless life trolling on a site that has no interest to you because you have nothing else going on in your sad existence. Now who's the doughnut? Lol (as you would say) . By the way, I'm guessing you've never even been to White Hart Lane. Keep playing Fifa and spouting s**te kiddo. Lol Leeds champions 1991-92 - Tottenham Bridesmaids champions 1960-61. MM

15 Aug 2017 14:16:40
Lol lol mick!

15 Aug 2017 14:50:16
What with every sentence having lol in it? What an absolute J ARTHUR.

15 Aug 2017 15:40:22
How old is this kid, how many lol's does one post need. Does anyone not challenged still use it? Walker has walked Rose going to bloom elsewhere
Alderwiereld wielding himself out the door Deli Do Dah going to eat tapas in Spain
Kane will probably follow the rest out the door to get paid the right amount. European Cup next year if they are lucky

15 Aug 2017 16:10:19
I see that thrush has come back again, anyone got any yogurt going spare?

15 Aug 2017 16:28:20
i used all mine up Lucas, sorry.

15 Aug 2017 16:35:01
Kebabman - 1988 is potentially a year of birth so 29 or 30? Seems a bit immature for 29 so maybe that was the year his mum was born, had a child at 16/17 so that would make him/her about 13 years old. Would explain the terrible spelling and overuse of everyone's favourite naughties phrase 'lol'.

15 Aug 2017 16:36:02
Has anyone else noticed the same traits as someone else's posts? When we had the other very negative and ignorant chap on here who's name escapes me, he always and far to often used the lol and ha ha in his posts! He was of the same intellect and definitely another oxygen thief like our lovely friend Leeds88! Oh how I would love to shoot the breeze with him in a quiet country pub one evening! MOT

15 Aug 2017 17:26:51
Reminds me of why I don't do facebook and other social media, by the way my other half is a spurs fan we have a mutual respect on each others clubs, she even will sit and watch a game, some one's got to fetch the beer (M M) I have to add that my other half is educated and does not possess a brain the size of a mouse. Dear chap I suppose you get some pleasure from your posts when you have exhausted the porn channels and your shift at where ever you collect trolley's you will find that we are indeed saddened that your medication has run out .

15 Aug 2017 18:41:56
Excellent post dogwise and for now it all seems to have gone quiet, maybe they have changed the times of Leeds88 medication! What I would give to be able to administer that to him myself! MOT



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