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07 Aug 2017 14:53:28
man utd fans are not happy at Borthwick Jackson joining Leeds, the fans have been on twitter saying "dont come back" "why has he gone to them scumbags" "once you where that shirt you can't be a red" and so on! It's a pity they didn't feel like that with Cantona, Ferdinand and Smith eh, short memories I think! MOT

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07 Aug 2017 15:06:54
MW67. Not short memories. They are just soulless garbage.

07 Aug 2017 15:38:47
Good answer George, also I have been speaking to a good friend of mine who is a Boro supporter and he told me that he went to their game and he said he had never seen them play so negative, they had no shots because he said the midfield were playing so flat! That sounds like us last season! MOT

07 Aug 2017 18:40:14
Ah Gary monk, entertainer, profit, genius, messiah!

07 Aug 2017 20:55:05
Funny how the Man Yoo fans don't care about us though 😅

07 Aug 2017 20:56:43
Boro fans already slating Monk on Twitter 😂

07 Aug 2017 21:10:35
Most scum fans are that thick they make two short planks look like a computer

07 Aug 2017 21:48:29
Gary Monk isn't the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy😂

08 Aug 2017 14:11:06
Sg90. weren't they ridiculing us when they got him! ? i'm not one to bear grudges but that man really stuffed us last 8 games. It was so distarous it could have looked intentional. i'm looking forward to leeds winning as many games as poss but i will also in kevs words
Love it. Really love it if we beat them i'd really love to see them lose
As many games as possible.

08 Aug 2017 14:24:45
Aus, I am of the opinion he agreed to join Boro behind our back so didn't want us going up as he'd be leaving Leeds in the PL for Championship Boro. Karanka got sacked before Brighton, which was when our form also mysteriously dipped. He'll be sacked by the time we play Boro anyway.

08 Aug 2017 16:16:02
I do think he had been approached before he meet with AR about coaching job. Think we imploded last year because of two factors, one; we really did not have a big enough squad attacking wise and two; our play was poor, passing the ball along the back line to gk to defender to gk. early days as yet but we did look to be a more attack minded team.

09 Aug 2017 13:28:21
Top posts from SG90 and dog

09 Aug 2017 13:32:32
Thanks btw MW67. I am pleased Monk left us. His departure has made us stronger. We ought not to concern ourselves with Boro but their fortunes could be amusing to observe after a few more games.



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