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02 Aug 2017 00:09:25
Martyn you should know by now that Monk will transform Assombalonga into a 30+ goal a season striker, after all he was fully responsible for Wood's transformation! It's a joke mate an absolute joke, I can't believe all the talk about Boro and Villa, I mean Villa they were not good last season and they have added a 36 year old defender who will find it hard to keep up and yet they are favourites! Aitor Karanka reckons we will finish no higher than tenth, then in the paper on Sunday we will be lucky to finish eighth! Blah blah blah, can't wait for us to prove them wrong! MOT

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02 Aug 2017 07:31:53
I get some of the lack of positivity around us from the outside. We do have an unknown coach and lots of new young players, so know one really knows. Villa and bori have money to burn with coaches people know and players they know, so I understand why people think they're favourites. The teams who got relegated the season before will always be strong favourites then next year. From the outside monk did a great job with us last year. People will think with that bit extra cash he's got a great chnace. It's only when you look at what he did carefully, like when you're a fan of the club, that you realise his floors. So I do get why the odds are the way they are. I'm not expected us to mount a top two challenge this year, perhaps because of the reasons above. I'd love it obviously, but I'd be happy with the playoffs. As I always say though. Get the 50 points ASAP, then focus on more than that!

02 Aug 2017 08:09:47
Good posts, with the loss of really only Barts from the best of last years squad, which should have been top 6 ( Think the Rads purchase was dependent on not getting promo, could it have been a factor ? ) The real question boils down to how good is TC and the new players recruited, this is the unknown quantity. Based on last season and what we have seen so far we should be a far far better team . If we can get it right and with those couple more recruits we have reason to be optimistic . Look at how close Reading came

02 Aug 2017 08:23:28
I don't get why TC has to "prove himself" in the Championship when he managed at a far higher standard in the Europa League and knocked out Barcelona's new manager's team. I think he will be a very shrewd appointment like Pochettino was at Southampton.

02 Aug 2017 08:25:54
The one I don't get is Norwich. They've not bought anyone and sold Murphy and Howson and they have an ageing team. Their manager has never managed at first team level and it seems like a punt to try and replicate Wagner, who struggled in his first season. Yet despite all that, they're one of the favourites to go up.

02 Aug 2017 08:32:27
Agree PA. we have a really opportunity. What I like about TC is that he appears to want to change things. if it's true that he tore our last 10 games to pieces during his interview then formme that's a very positive sign. it shows he knows what he's talking about about. it then boils down to if he can transfer his ideas to the field. this as you say is a relatively unknown quantity. A massive positive in this area has to be what he did with his previous club. waa it the 1/4 finals of the europa league?

02 Aug 2017 09:25:11
I never said he has to prove himself

02 Aug 2017 10:55:56
I didn't say you did Curahee. I just meant the media keep calling him unproven. Unproven in what sense? He hasn't won at Ipswich away? Well he'll just have to make do with Olympiacos away instead!

02 Aug 2017 12:05:56
Ok sg. calm down

02 Aug 2017 13:27:08
Unproven in the Championship I imagine. Not every manager can be effective in one league and then successfully transfer that to another league, particularly one as competitive as The Championship. I do hope he proves the doubters wrong. Time will tell.

02 Aug 2017 18:33:15
Agreed Alf. pep is a good example of that. He thought he'd win it at a canter and waltz up the steps to collect that trophy!

02 Aug 2017 18:53:46
That's because Man City don't have any world class players like Barcelona and Bayern do.

02 Aug 2017 21:11:36
Not exactly my point, but I'd have to disagree SG. agreo? kompany? de Bryne? Frig knows how you spell their names!



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