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28 Jul 2017 11:54:41
Christianson has a dilemma recruiting another centre back. Jansson is an automatic starter at the moment when he is not injured or suspended. Pennington looks like he can more than hold his own in the championship and he is come in on loan to play not sit on the bench (he can do that at Everton) . Cooper is a last resort back up so there is no issue about him. The problem comes when recruiting another centre back. A top player will come to play and be the automatic choice. If we get someone of that calibre who do you leave out- Jansson or Pennington? I suspect that we might buy a decent back up with prospects. Bartley and Jansonn played together for the most part last season. Pennington and Jannson might be a good combination. The downside is like last year if Pennington does well he won't be here next season. There's the dilemma. It might be simpler to buy somebody in the Bartley class or preferably better and use Pennington as back up. He won't be happy though.

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28 Jul 2017 14:06:02
its a long season, why not use them all? Pontus will spend at least 10 games suspended as well so we need reliable cover.

28 Jul 2017 14:58:03
Just wondering if 10 games suspended counts as 10 mistakes. i'm pretty hopeful we will get promoted this year but if we don't and certain people criticise our defense of maybe cooper and berahdi. Whether they see suspension as a game costing mistake. Cause i'm pretty sure pontus berahdi and cooper give 100%?

28 Jul 2017 16:13:30
If he's banned do 10 matches, then that's approx 35 he isn't. in those 35 he doesn't make many mistakes at all. Cooper on the other hand covers Pontus's ten games and makes mistakes that cost us goals and points in at least what, 7 of those, therefore percentage wise it's not looking all that good for coops

28 Jul 2017 18:17:41
Rubbish curahe. I guarantee if you include suspensions as mistakes. Pontus is our most costly defender per game time. He is our most solid cb but game time prob our most costly
Lay off cooper. He has not the talent of pontus but jeez he ain't that bad.

28 Jul 2017 21:04:21
Fair play Aus. I don't really rate Cooper atm but I think he's going to surprise a few people this season. He's not a bad defender but he's slightly dangerous when we try to play football across the back line. I'm pretty sure it's a confidence issue. He often looks nervous on the ball and anxiety breeds anxiety in other players and the fans. I think if he can get his confidence up he will become a good player. 1 thing that certainly won't help his confidence is fans slating him on social media. I'm sure he will see some of what is written so I think we should all get off his back, help build his confidence and give him 1 more season to prove himself. I might be a bit optimistic but I think he will come good. obviously others within the club do too or else he'd have been out of the door by now

28 Jul 2017 22:56:53
He's a professional player in a cut throats game. You can't moddy coddle him. He isn't a youngster, he isn't learning his trade anymore. He isn't anywhere the quality you need for a player at the top end of the championship. So what your saying is is that Pontus is out, therefore he coats us points. No, if he is out his replacement shouldn't cost us points. Cooper does every match he plays in. If you don't want points dropped through mistakes when Pontus isn't playing then replace cooper.

28 Jul 2017 23:07:02
Also aus if your saying costliest in "game time" then in "game time" Pontus isn't! I guarantee if you tot up the amount of mistakes he made that directly resulted in goals or points lost then Pontus 's % is much lower. Whe you work on games played there isn't a direct comparison other than using % in this instance. Also if you are working on your argument of suspensions then surely cooper lost us the FA cup tie against non league opponents. At fault for a goal and getting sent off! 👏👏👏👏👏

28 Jul 2017 23:10:57
I also think you're forgetting he hardly plays and still amanges to get a 6 game suspension in one go. So that 6 games, the one or two after his suspension for the Sutton sending off and he's suddenly not far of that 10 games you say about Pontus.

29 Jul 2017 13:50:12
I totally agree with you Curahee with regards to Cooper being partly responsible for more points lost or dropped. Pontus also chips in with a good goal tally. He does get booked/suspended far too often but it's a consequence of the heart on sleeve way he plays his game. If you were to take that out of his game he'd get less bookings but you can guarantee we'd concede more goals. Cooper will never be as good as Jansson but I think he could be a reliable defender if TC can make him believe in himself and become less nervous on the ball. He will also benefit from playing alongside and more like Jansson. Fair play to Cooper for staying and fighting for a place in the team when he must know he's going to be on the bench quite often unless he raises his game substantially. It would have been easier for him to leave, especially with all the stick he gets at Leeds. I agree with Aus in saying that Cooper is not as bad as a lot on here make out. He's a decent enough defender. If he can become better/more confident with the ball he will change a lot of people's opinions. I just think people should just ease off on the stick he gets on social media because it doesn't help anyone. Yes, there's a lot of room for improvement but most of the stick he gets is nasty and not justified.

29 Jul 2017 17:49:22
I think Coops played quite well today. There were still people in the stadium giving him grief unnecessarily even though he did ok. A couple of stray passes but a couple of decent diagonal balls out to Roofe also. He definitely looked more confident on the ball but I suppose you're going to be less nervous when the stakes aren't really high.



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