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12 Jul 2017 23:30:08
Leeds are definitely a lot busier in the transfer market than other Championship teams! I know it's still early but you look at QPR today have signed Chay Tilt from West Brom on a contract until January! And not really much else, Middlesbrough quiet and so are many others! For once we are headlining, what a change that is eh, sit up and take notice the other 23! MOT

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13 Jul 2017 05:08:57
As much as I'm happy we are spending big I just hope were not signing too many foreign players? Some good experienced British ones would be nice too. Will have United nations flag raised above ER at this rate

13 Jul 2017 07:11:51
It depends really. Are our newbees going to turn out gems or benchwarmers? Realistically if they all play well we have enough now cause anita and ayling can play centre back and roofe cabuna can play up front with wood. Think its just shelling time now.

13 Jul 2017 07:55:07
With so many new signings (I'm not complaining! ) Will there be the usual excuse of. "the team need time to gel". when we lose the first 5 games! Hopefully not. Perhaps I'm just on my man period

13 Jul 2017 08:22:57
I kind of agree with you Martyn. Not always full of confidence in foreign players on a cold Tuesday night, p**sing it down with rain at a team that wants to kick lumps out of you. However, we have enough within the current squad to go with the new signings. Anita, is very experienced in the English leagues, I think Roofe will get better and better, Dallas is apparently having a very good pre-season, added to the hard men Birdcage, Jansson and Hong Kong Phooey (Berardi) , I think we'll have enough to tough it out with any team. Big day today, apparently Saiz and Aiioski signing. £2-3m centre half now and I'd be more than happy. MM

13 Jul 2017 08:27:58
Back from a weekend away with swad? Southern
We will gel. We may not win. But no gelly excuses.

13 Jul 2017 10:55:23
If they get us up Martyn they can have whatever flag they want up there! Lol. I know what you mean though, with all the signings I have actually forgot that we have Roofe, Birdcage, Sacko, Ronaldo, Pontus and all the rest, we have a good squad now but like you I would like to see a couple of good English signings which would just equal it out a bit. Good though isn't it Martyn, looking forward to what will be his starting eleven. I bet team meetings will be like that old programme Mind Your Language! Lol. MOT

13 Jul 2017 11:17:23
i agree it is hard with forgien players but look at radebe, yeboha ect we only need two to be gem and we will be laughing even if few flop as they might, antia is proven, just one cb and left back and it will be perfect, plus ground as well, i can't remember a more positive pre-season even if wood goes which i hope he dont

13 Jul 2017 13:53:09
better 'mind your language' than 'love thy neighbour' Mike.

13 Jul 2017 13:56:50
I think Radz has learned from Huddersfield last season. they did their business early and it worked out for them because they hit the ground running and were flying early in the season while the rest of the league were still pulling their pants up. hopefully the same can be true of us and if we do all our 'in' business by the 23rd of this month as indicated then we have time for TC to work with all of the team and get them fit rather than getting players joining 3 weeks into the season who still need to build up their fitness. this way makes sense for me but expect the signings to stop after next week.

13 Jul 2017 14:22:33
The defensive signings are the critical ones now. very interested to see who comes in next.



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