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07 Jul 2017 12:16:45
If Bellendschi came out and made a statement to effect that he was sorry for the aggro he caused in the past and that he really wanted to knuckle down and make a real go of things for Leeds, would you give him the opportunity?

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07 Jul 2017 12:25:35
Yes, yes I would

07 Jul 2017 12:30:16
Definitely, always keen on a second chance at redemption

07 Jul 2017 12:34:35
No, he is a liability and a leopard never changes it's spots

07 Jul 2017 13:33:03
It's a shame because he is potentially a really good defender, but too impulsive which causes too many errors. Don't hate him but I don't think he is suited to the English game

07 Jul 2017 14:25:20
Agree grip

07 Jul 2017 14:28:58
Speedy, you never know, he may have calmed down a bit. Just think if we didn't know him and we'd just signed a 27 year old central defender who played in serie A last season we'd probably be praising our D. O. F. for signing him. The thing is TC will look at all our players with no pre conceived ideas so everyone should have the opportunity to impress.

07 Jul 2017 17:47:48
The problem is he brings unnecessary drama and attention that we don't need. The club's in a good place now off the field and the fan base no longer divided. We need to have a sense of euphoria heading into the new season, not vitriol.

07 Jul 2017 19:35:52
Apologies don't make a player any better on the pitch he's a liability not good enough end of.

07 Jul 2017 19:43:13
Spot on 90. Can't disagree with any of that

07 Jul 2017 21:46:47
I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than see him pull a Leeds shirt on again.

08 Jul 2017 07:44:02
In 1 word, no



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