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04 Jul 2017 08:31:19
WhiIst I understand some of Welshwhites comments and I can in truth see where he is coming from I would like to say that a lot of those signings were made by a different and very complicated MC. First of all he made a lot of panic buys at the beginning, some cheap and cheerful some cheap and rubbish! Then a new manager came in then another one then another and so on! They all had different views and liked different players so it became a mess. Things are stable now and these players are for the future, some will be bad, some good, some great, who knows? Nobody had heard of Kante, Man Utd got Pogba then got rid then look what happened, look at Beradi he's solid! We will be fine and if not Radz will work hard to get us there, would you rather go back to the Ridsdale era and spend money we don't have? We have got to be more than happy this pre season as it's the most stable we have ever been. Welshwhite the good times are coming we just got to be patient and believe. MOT

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04 Jul 2017 09:11:23
Nice post Mike but like i say I've seen it all before i hope your right but i will wait and see before i jump on the bandwagon.

04 Jul 2017 09:33:45
Cheers Welshwhite, the posts about you being our favourite freind Swadlad is only banter mate! I really see where your coming from and you may be right but on the other hand us eternal optimists might be to! Maybe some of us are getting to old and not so synical anymore cause we just want to believe something good is going to happen. Every new season I'm the same mate, full on we are going up but then it doesn't happen and sometimes I bore myself by talking crap when I know things aren't going well but there is just something telling me that things are changing for the better, if I'm being totally honest I am a bit sceptical but we are showing more intent than ever before
In the last few years so who knows! In the words of the famous Beatle Some people say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one! . MOT

04 Jul 2017 10:44:51
Thanks Mikewood67 i hope i am just paranoid or something. These foreign players might be world beaters but i have seen these types before. I think the new owner has done much better than Cellino already but to get promoted from this league needs some serious investment aswell as the right experiance and knowhow of the task ahead. With the likes of Villa, Boro, Reading, Shef wed, Hull, Sunderland, Fulham, Norwich even Cardiff it will be tough. my pick for the automatic is Villa then Boro followed by Sunderland in the play-offs. As for us we will be lucky to better last season maybe 9th will be a good season based on the new signings and new manager.

04 Jul 2017 12:08:12
Radz did say 3 seasons Welshwhite but you know what we are like someone says 3 seasons we take it as this season, I think we put pressure on each other by high expectation, I'm as guilty as sin on that one, I do think we overachieved last season and we had quite a bit of luck in some games which I personally think gave Monk more credit than he deserved! This season we have lost two players in Taylor and Barkley, so that's positive. Also I don't see the attraction in buying older players like the Wendies have, i'm not in any way a Manager or rich enough to be an owner but I think we need continuity, a few additions every season but get players on good steady contracts! That was one thing MC was guilty of to many one year rolling or two year don't know if your any good contracts! I'm with you with your league predictions but with one change, I do think we will be up there top six! But how good would this be. Leeds v Sunderland play off final Wembley! We have waited to long for FA Cup payback! Good post Welshwhite though, posts like yours get us thinking I just can't stand we are this crap we are that crap, I think we all know what we are but let's not forget who we are. WE ARE LEEDS!

04 Jul 2017 22:18:47
Didn't we have a team of 'experienced Championship players' and an 'experienced Championship manager' under Colin and where did that get us? Mid table and we were still paying off their enormous wages years later.

05 Jul 2017 22:35:07
Unfortunately, welsh, we've all seen it before. But I'm one for the optimism wagon. There hasn't been much of that since our rapid demise, but know where you're coming from in many ways.



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