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29 Jun 2017 10:05:03
Radz, you beauty, now that's what I call Fit and Proper, professional and astute. I hope the duffers at the FL choked on their venison and port at this one, this boy is not for whipping, though how they are going to fund their lavish lifestyle without the fines levied on Big Mass, I don't know. like your style Radz, as Nike say, just do it. We are going on a journey siblings, just smile and wave. Down more pints and up and up the Whites

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29 Jun 2017 10:50:10
God rallying cry Vid. I think we're all optimistic about the future under Radz. Purchasing ER has shown us all he's in it for the long haul and will bring a wave of optimism in everything associated with our great club. I have to agree with all the Cellino lovers out there (yes you Wex) that we wouldn't have been able to attract the likes of Radz before he got rid of the cancer that was still sniffing around our club - GFH, ground owners and Bates (most probably) . All we need to do now is get rallying behind the team by drinking even more pints in the common goal of 'Upping the Whites'. MM

29 Jun 2017 17:26:39
MM i disagree, i think buying the stadium is just the opposite. when he took over I looked at his past and thought he was only in it short term, think he did similar thing at inter? not that this is a bad thing, if in it for short term he can improve us and sell us for profit to Chinese or big money arabs (maybe GFH? ) or he could milk us and sell us off bit by bit like bates.

well Rad certainly has shown ambition so he either is here to stay which is good or going to flip us to big money backer who will take us to new level which is also good. good season and love rad either way they say 13 is unluckily well maybe now our luck is finally changing.

29 Jun 2017 18:42:05
If he does sell us, we'll be in a much better position for an investor. Can't honestly see that happening any time soon as Radz is now working with Leeds City Council to move the training facilities to Holbeck and develop future income streams by redeveloping areas around ER to attract further investment. Financially we are in a good place so I can't understand the negativity. It's all good. Why would he invest so much and then sell bits off like Bates? I don't understand that as he would have to substantially invest and then asset strip us and for what? The money he had previously invested building a highly profitable football club? MM

30 Jun 2017 11:17:51
I did have concerns when he first joined us but not now. He will be here for long haul as he knows he will make more money in the long run by developing the infrastructure in and around ER. Also he has the ability to make big bucks in media and merchandise sales. And once in the premiership we will attract name players, unlike Udders and Brighton. Said it before to the right owner our club can be a goldmine, seems we now have the right owner with backing to achieve something. Massimo is owed a big thank you in my opinion. Think he would have loved to get us there but media and some fans antics soured it for him.

30 Jun 2017 11:33:41
You're spot there, Mick!



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