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23 May 2017 18:51:07
Son: Why is my sister called Teresa? Dad: because your mum loves Easter - it's an anagram Son: Thanks dad Dad: No problem Alan MM

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23 May 2017 21:52:56
MM You've touched on the reason why I have for the longest been cautious when I unfortunately find myself among a community of plants whose origins stem from high salinity. If anyone other than Notts or possibly one of the Eds can get the word I'll be surprised. Sorry guys no disrespect but that's a hard one. Vocabulary knowledge important. First book I read was dictionary. So guys, what's the word?

23 May 2017 23:00:03
George, I fear you are paying so much attention to detail that it is becoming an obsession, to the annoyance of some. Or, you can't let go of shit, as Freud would say! 😉

23 May 2017 22:13:33
Why are you always so anal George?

24 May 2017 02:17:43
Danum, it's just a quiz I set. My alluding to the Eds is a mark of respect because of their slightly elevated IQ over say Ausman. Wex, because I am. Because the real treasure of the Universe is books. I love reading and retaining knowledge and information. Is that a crime? I thought the board clamoured for my return? I'll leave if you wish. Anyway, what's the answer to my cryptic puzzle?

24 May 2017 07:40:08
I read danum and then got bored! Looked at poster. No further comment nec!

24 May 2017 10:08:23
Sorry George, I thought you were asking for the answer to Micks post. Hope you get it now. I think the answer to yours is halophytes. No idea what you are on about though as you are far too cryptic for me. I for one am very glad you are back. Never a dull moment! 😉

24 May 2017 12:33:01
Danum, you are extremely close. I'll just tell you. The correct answer is halosere. It has a funny anagram which doubles up as Ausman nickname.

24 May 2017 13:03:56
Got it, George. By the way do you have an awful lot of time on your hands! 😁😁

24 May 2017 16:52:23
well George as a professional playwright and wordsmith I like to think i have an extended vocab and yet the only word i can think of starts with c ends in t and has one vowel and one constantant in the middle. how very odd

24 May 2017 19:16:52
Sorry George, I thought I gave the answer in my reply, as has Wex in a slightly less subtle way! Sorry if I offended you. I for one am very happy you are back. The site was definitely less interesting without you.

24 May 2017 20:50:55
I sent this post at about 7.30 this morning. God it makes me sound like George's arse licker in cheif! 😱



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