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20 May 2017 09:14:37
There has been an offer to buy 67% of Arsenal for £1 Billion valuing the whole club 100% at £1.5 Billion . This makes a deal to buy Leeds at circa £50 million one of the best deals ever . Buy Leeds invest a few bob, get promoted finish in the top half of the prem and your investment if only half the value of Arsenal would worth £750 million. What beats me is why we have been stuck with the owners we have had, when one decent owner would have been able to benefit from such an investment . Further to this I have always thought that the clauses ( on our return too the prem) to pay the people burnt by the insolvency might have been far more expensive than we are led to believe .

{Ed001's Note - because your commercial income is only a tiny percentage of Arsenal's. There is no return from spending money on Leeds, whereas their is a huge return from buying a consistently profitable Arsenal.}

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20 May 2017 10:14:13
There is no return spending money on Leeds? Initially no but potentially yes.

{Ed001's Note - potential is not the same as actual.}

20 May 2017 12:18:25
My business idea has a potential to make £1bn pounds. Anyone want to buy it off me for a poultry bargain basement price of £500m?

20 May 2017 11:35:07
Ed001 point taken but with Leeds fan base, development of TV rights (Rads area of expertise) , coupled with the premier league platform and income stream the opportunity is there - Arsenal's income for the 2015 season was circa £350m . The premier League income is now worth £170 m per club . If Leeds / Radzinni cannot get the income stream up to at least £250M I would be very surprised. If Rads gets this right and creates the club the potential is there to create his investment will prove both wise and profitable . Even at 50% of Arsenal's value it is still a great return and very achievable .

{Ed001's Note - yes achievable but not certain. You have to bank on getting promotion in the toughest league in Europe.}

20 May 2017 12:46:08
Lucas. Take the dog for a walk!

20 May 2017 17:25:27
Good post PA, no one seems to actually understand your post. I really don't know why some billionaire won't buy us. One club city with endless potential. Ed mate, we know it won't be instant profit. Arsenal weren't always worth what they are now.

{Ed001's Note - Arsenal have always been worth a huge amount of money, they have always been amongst the most valuable clubs in England due to their location. Leeds is worth a fraction on that basis alone.}

20 May 2017 17:40:29
P A don't you think investors have already been intrested in buying LUFC? We owe too much money out that's why nobody will touch us we haven't got a stadium or a training ground we are a selling club its so obvious. Not a big club anymore sorry to say.

20 May 2017 18:39:54
Lucas hasn't got a dog.

20 May 2017 18:52:49
Has he lost the one that he doesn't walk then? 😱

20 May 2017 20:17:52
Location Ed? So on that basis the two Manchester clubs, Liverpool and Everton have always been playing catchup with the North London giants. I see your point but you obviously don't realise the potential of Leeds. One of England's biggest cities and only one club. It's not long ago Leeds united dwarfed Man City. With decent investment promotion can be achieved and then the sky is the limit. Revenue increase and commercial opportunities will follow and Leeds will be great once again. Buy back Elland Rd and increase capacity to 90,000 and then. ok but surely you see my point?

{Ed001's Note - I give up, you are in cloud cuckoo land. Delusions of grandeur.}

20 May 2017 21:11:14
Honestly PA i like your thinkin, but we really aren't as huge as a lot of people think. we are what we are a mid table second division side. we talk about fan base, but we were about 6th highest in the division for home attendance. We are a on city team, but so are Newcastle, boro. Arc the end of the day though that doesn't matter, as the biggest teams all come from cities with at least 2 teams! I think rads will do us proud and until we do go up and become an established perm team then we won't be bought by anyone like the arsenal bloke!

20 May 2017 21:26:45
Hi guys. I've been 'walking the dog' this afternoon. Just got back and Mrs Lucas says my dinner is in the dog! Wtf. I'm confused now, she's the one that says every time I go out for a long walk 'we've not got a dog'! I think she's got early signs of Alzheimer's coming on. Lots of love, Lucas. Xxx

20 May 2017 22:21:52
Lucas has been out with a few dog's but doesn't own one

20 May 2017 23:22:33
Ed001 not exactly the most polite but he is right about Arsenal and the geographical advantages they have over us. Cork makes a good counter point about Scousers and Pride of Devon but we ought to remember following. 1. We've only ever been in the top flight for what 30 seasons out of say 100 whereas the other big northern clubs have been there twice as long. They are therefore earning more, worth more and have superior investment. 2. London commercially always superior to the north. Gap not as pronounced as before but it's there. 3. Arsenal new stadium did wonders for them investment wise if not necessarily on the pitch. We are therefore lagging behind quite substantially especially and we don't even own our ground. Rads will put it right in my opinion. We should be on a par with mediocre mid-table PL clubs inside 3 or 4 years. Anything better than that will take a lot but it's possible with this guy if he completes the takeover that is.

{Ed001's Note - who owns the stadium? If you don't own it, then how long is the rental contract term for? If you don't own a stadium and don't have a rental contract locked in to give decent payment terms over a long period, then your value decreases markedly. Any increase in revenue would be followed by a demand for more rent otherwise. Fanbase has been affected massively by being outside the Prem, but that can change fairly quickly these days, so I do not see that as a long term issue, but the stadium and training ground are. No owner wants to be held over a barrel by a landlord.

As for Man Utd and Liverpool, they have huge success over a number of years to raise the value of the brand (sadly that's what they are now) and that equalises things slightly. Even so, Liverpool can't compete financially with the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea.

As for Man City, that had a totally different reason. They bought it on the cheap, seeing the potential to regenerate a whole area, with attendant long term returns. Leeds as a city is already a pretty enough place, there is no real regeneration possibilities to the degree that the City owners saw. They bought a huge swathe of land to rebuild the area, which most cities would have never allowed them to do. They were looking to build a worldwide brand out of a team with little identity, similar to the pattern Red Bull have since followed, by buying up teams in a number of countries and naming them in a similar way. Would Leeds fans want to be a franchise, the way Man City have become? Certainly the company that did the research when Red Bull were considering buying a club in English football didn't think so. They felt that the protests would end up doing too much harm to the brand to make any club worth buying. Hull are an example that they were probably right.}

21 May 2017 10:10:41
I just can't believe we're having this conversation. Surely it's obvious that we aren't anywhere the sameness league as any of the top 6, even top ten prem clubs! It's a nice dream, but at the moment we are just incomparable. in the long term maybe, I agree with rads. Beforehand we try to emulate arsenal shouldn't we be trying to do a Burnley, Bournemouth or stoke?

21 May 2017 11:59:09
i have read this and can see good points from both sides. yes we are a one city club but don't have a massive following although they are loyal, as with man city any team that buys success is worht money but not at a profit no way city have been a good investment as they must be down on that investment. Sadly most leeds fans think we are bigger than we are, I don't think we are one of the biggest clubs in england, i can think of 30 that are bigger than us now and a different 25 that are bigger than us historicly, if looking at past why not buy forest or derby or villa over leeds? if looking now we don't own ground? I agree with curahee we have to look more at a bournmoth, stoke and burley model but once back up there we have potential to match some of the bigger clubs due to following but still will never be bigger than both man clubs, both scouse clubs, chealsea, asernal, spurs, newcastle and maybe even sunderland. As a fan from the outside once you leave leeds we are maybe not as big as we like to think, that doesn't make us not great or the fnas not fantastic just means reality is little different to our love for club

21 May 2017 20:28:17
Ed001 has provided an excellent evaluation of the Leeds investment opportunity situation. Rad can turn it around but will take time. We can be promoted in 2018 with sufficient injection of capital and recruiting correct playing personnel. No team coming down or coming up scares me whereas Geordies and Seagulls were obvious automatic choices.

{Ed001's Note - they were a poor bunch of teams that came down from the Prem this year to be fair.}

21 May 2017 22:32:08
Ed001 i agree with you on all the above but you cannot win with a diehard Leeds fan.



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