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05 Feb 2019 12:33:03
I hope Pontusses comments are just clumsy talk, rather than indication that Bub has lost the dressing room.

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05 Feb 2019 12:46:29
I'd say misrepresentation of words but I said it last week Pontus could do with keeping his mouth shut.

05 Feb 2019 12:50:06
But probably agree with him. Tiredness is obviously creeping in. When I bemoaned lack of investment at the start of the season I was castigated by many here. I think its obvious now that we needed 1or2 additions. Can't say how disappointed we didn't invest a million in 2 loans till the end of the season.

05 Feb 2019 13:20:05
Wex Again you're wrong (I was correct) . We've discussed this before. Lack of investment worked until the winter window (we were top) . However, even I said a lack of investment in this window would probably cost us and be inexcusable by Radz. James would've sufficed but the Muppets (Radz and Orta) let him slip through fingers and they had the funds to do it! With good luck on our side, we might reach the playoffs and hopefully win the final.

05 Feb 2019 13:25:57
Pontus is calling out managerial muppetry. He's right to do so in my opinion. Better out than in. Ridsdale had his faults but at least he went for the kill when buying players (and goldfish sadly) and knew how to seal a deal. Radz is not a football person, yet.

05 Feb 2019 13:45:49
You can't blame Radz and Orta for the James deal not going through when Jenkins decided to take the mickey out of the owners.

05 Feb 2019 14:19:52
Jeez George it doesn't make a difference when the additions were made. It's the fact that they weren't made and the James saga is nothing compared to the fact Radz wouldn't invest a million in 2 good loans till the end of the season.

05 Feb 2019 14:46:17
Staff Disagree. Jenkins undoubtedly showed a distinct lack of class. Sending his own player on a 500 mile round trip goose chase then going dark with 4 and half hours left in the window. However, just because Jenkins was spineless doesn't mean Radz is blameless. Swansea clearly wanted money and up front during negotiations. Radz should've rammed it down their throat! When one player has been specifically identified as the keymaker, a player with goals and pace to replace an underperforming player in our own team with £150m+ on the line in terms of accessing the PL, then George's rule applies. You don't hang around and leave things to chance. You be assertive, commanding and finish what you started. Crude example but when a beautiful naked woman bending over, begging, consenting and ready, you don't ask her repeatedly what you do next. You just take charge. Radz should've decorated the table with millions in cash. He was going to put down £5m to buy with add-ons but only 750k as a first payment for a loan? Madness and nonsense! If they say no to option 1, they're surely eventually going to say no to option 2? Swansea were just toying with us yet we had all our eggs in one basket. Waste of time, naive and counterproductive. In my opinion, Radz lost his business acumen having been distracted by Spygate. #Muppet #Won'tbeattheBladesovertwolegs #Georgedepressednow #Needtimemachine.

05 Feb 2019 14:50:40
Wex Of course timing makes a difference! Timing especially in business is often everything. It's such a fundamental concept, you should be embarrassed to say and think otherwise!

05 Feb 2019 15:27:18
George as everyone says there's no value in January the business should have been done in August.

05 Feb 2019 17:18:58
Wex Not always possible due to funding issues, agent complications, player availability via club, player willingness to transfer, player scouting, need in a position only coming up when it arises (Harrison should've done better) . Player recruitment ain't just about opening a war chest. Ask Fulham. Timing is everything. In any event, we required at least one outfield player tactically and to mitigate burnout effects. Bielsa and Leeds needed a good January window. We didn't get one. Bad news.

05 Feb 2019 18:26:45
AL yes you can blame Radz he messed around trying to get the payment of 1 million delayed until May and they were not having it, I think George is right in his post.

05 Feb 2019 18:28:04
Certain players we were linked with, one that comes to mind Norwood who ended up on a free to Shef utd, seen a number of highlights of there games his always in the mix either providing or causing problems .
I agree with Wex a couple of players would have allowed us to give players a rest or cover injuries, take Ph against Norwich totally looked out of sorts .
I do like to see the young players being given a chance if good enough but are squad at times has been to thin for my liking .

05 Feb 2019 19:12:13
Blah blah blah George you just said yourself be assertive get the deal done.

05 Feb 2019 20:05:17
Wex Yeah when they arrive as opportunities. Last time I checked Orta don't have a time machine. What would you have us do? Contact Swansea in August 2018 and say Dear Mr Jenkins you've got a pacy winger who we know is going to score goals and make assists over next 5 months so please can we buy him in the future at yesterday's price when his contract is running down even though no-one's really heard of him yet?

It's called "the market" Wex combined with "market forces". Did economics, business studies and essential physics just pass you by when you were at school? Why not get on the phone to the executor of Leslie Silver's estate and have a go at him for failing to intercept all of Messi's one nighters and used condoms? Oh and I've heard an amazing player will be born and bred in Leeds in the year 2053 so can't understand why he's not featuring in our current campaign? I've heard he's got a tasty left zygote.

05 Feb 2019 21:21:14
George is right, if James was our only outfield target and identified as a benefit then the we should not have been haggling over money when it might be the difference between 150 mill and premier league or championship and trying to hang on to our best players in the summer. Still believe we will go up in top two and SU will lose in play offs though.

06 Feb 2019 08:03:28
You have to say our dithering in the transfer market is nothing new, we have been like this for years. My question is what happened to the £20 million war chest that Kinnear banged on about plus the £10 million from the 49rs?

06 Feb 2019 12:40:22
Feath Back in Radz' pocket to alleviate Eleven Sports problems?



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