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30 Jan 2019 13:26:12
Personally I think Swansea are happy with the parachute money, the Bony mony and (if they can) the Fer money. So really, really, do not need/ want to sell. They hold all the aces. They have the mindset of "Let's see just how far Leeds will go If it doesn't happen then so be it". Again I think it then becomes too big a price/ gamble to pay. We should just walk away and invest elsewhere but I fear there is no Plan B. Unless Plan B is the U23s. I, for one, would not be too unhappy with that. Wait until summer and then see what Division we are buying for.

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30 Jan 2019 14:00:58
A couple of loans would do for me, just to provide squad depth and competition for places.

30 Jan 2019 14:23:04
I’m tending to err in the same direction Leodis. Would hate to see us pay over the odds, just because it’s January, plus with the sales you mention, wage savings alone will have freed up their budget significantly. Loans to buy are fine by me too at this moment.

30 Jan 2019 14:33:07
Calvario boy from wolves on a loan to buy would be good.

30 Jan 2019 15:11:49
Leo and Bright Disagree. Your posts are unnecessarily negative. The clubs are very close to agreeing the transfer fee. It's no longer about amount but timing of payment. That suggests to me Swansea do need the money. Parachute sometimes not enough when you're stuck with big earners. I'm hoping the deal shall be done tomorrow. He's a good player and perfect fit for our team.

30 Jan 2019 15:38:20
Why the panic? Just read on Transfermarkt his contract is up 30 June 2019. If the right assurances are given we can pick him up for nothing in the summer.
I also noted that of Set 2018 he was valued at 90k. That's some increase that is.
I also noted that he is from Beverley. Surely a boy of that age should be living near his mum.

30 Jan 2019 15:46:45
Not being negative George, just don’t wanna get fleeced because Swansea need the money less now! I want us to sign the lad, but for the right money. As has been said, parachute payments, plus offloading a couple of their highest earners, strengthens their hand if negotiations are ongoing. Time is on their side too. Simple realism.

30 Jan 2019 15:58:20
Bright How can it now be anything other than the "right money" when the fee has been agreed between the clubs, just not the instalment timing? £10m nothing in today's market. He's young, fast, scores goals at Championship level and an international. In today's market his fee was always going to be north of £7m. Factor in international player and January not yielding best value for the purchasing club and there you have your £10m. Consequently, there's no need for discussion on valuation any further!

30 Jan 2019 16:16:08
I agree with you George, Swansea aren't going up or down, so why would they risk £10m for a few months?
Money is agreed so they are prepared to do business, just timing!
I hope we do complete the deal, as we could lose him to a wealthier team in the Premier come the summer time!

30 Jan 2019 16:41:51
Thanks DAEW. Get 'er done! Not sure any defence would like to play against Clarke, James and Roofe with Pablo pulling some strings.

30 Jan 2019 17:43:52
Thought he had 18 months left on contract.

30 Jan 2019 17:43:58
In a market where outstanding contract period is a major factor in setting the market value of a player, I think anything over Ten Mill for someone with a day over 5 months left would be excessive. But as I’ve already said, I do actually want us to sign him, just not be out negotiated by Swansea! That said, if he costs £10mill and contributes significantly to our promotion this season, then it would be a drop in the ocean!

30 Jan 2019 17:57:25
If we are going up like most on here keep saying then I can't see a problem with the fee, especially for player Bielsa wants. I heard lots of people say we haven't spent this money or that money, the Wood and Taylor, plus viera. Now we seem willing to spend people saying its too much. If we get a player Bielsa thinks can improve us then it's money well spent.

30 Jan 2019 18:13:07
Bright and Leodis, iam sure Tottenham would like to get Jack Clarke for the "right money" too!

30 Jan 2019 20:50:46
That’s a fair point Mezzer, and of course that’s the way of the game these days, even tho it’s mad. Still struggling to find my negativity in my first response to Leodis tho to be fair; just cautious, yet ever hopeful and optimistic! Nobody likes being called negative, when it’s not something that’s alien to them!? I repeat, I still want us to sign the lad!



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